At Communitree we want to green cities.
We believe everybody can and should participate.
And that it's useful to have a strategic plan.
We're trying to make this happen.
See how you can help.

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We have a long-term, strategic vision for Cape Town

Our goal is to support partner organisations in their greening efforts. Together, we can contribute to a bigger greening strategy.

We have a unique method to urban greening

We want to let everyone participate, scale our work, but also make sure we plant the right vegetation.

Vegetation types

Cape Town is a unique hotspot in the Cape Floristic Kingdom. We work hard to ensure we plant the right species that are part of the original vegetation types.

Detailed mapping

We meticiously keep track of where each seed, offcut or plant comes from, and how every element moves from volunteer to volunteer.

Indigenous species

We prioritise indigenous species, and we have a detailed database of the plants we use or want to use.

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