At Communitree we want to green cities.
We believe everybody can and should participate.
And that it's useful to have a strategic plan.
We're trying to make this happen.
See you how can help.

Greening as a relay

We see greening as a relay. Every person can participate a small part in a bigger project. When will you join the relay?
We have started in Cape Town but are exploring other future cities as well.

Let's map Cape Town

Empty road island? Abandoned park? Grassy corner? Map it so that we can start working on it!
View our progress

Time to collect seeds

We go out and collect seeds from plants and trees throughout the city.
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Our volunteers grow plants at home

On a windowsill, in the garden or on the balcony. Seeds germinate and offcuts grow at home nurseries. You could have one too.
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Then we plant

During weekends, weekdays, and holidays. Come join us and plant with us to green public spaces in Cape Town.
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And finally we monitor and maintain

We need to keep an eye on our plants. One photo a month keeps our system up to speed. Help us out

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