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Frances Taylor

Identifier of this site

Thandokhulu High is a school ground with a lot of potential. What is identified as a need is shade for students at break, some green to beautify the school and an outdoor classroom where students and Mr Faizel the life sciences teacher can interact directly with the subject matter described in their textbooks. A group of eager students and staff are already growing plants for their sunbird garden. Together with the Cape Bird Club and the Iingcungcu Sunbird Project, Communitree plans to establish an indigenous garden at this high school in 2018 and continue growing it over the coming 5 years.

Next activity

Bird monitoring in Mowbray/Rosebank (Jul 24, 2019)

Why is this important?

This site is located in Mowbray. Mowbray is located in close proximity to Table Mountain, and there is a lot of potential to create 'stepping stones' within the area that allow animals (like birds) to come down from Table Mountain and expand their territory, possibly connecting with other areas in the region. However, in order to have a funcional network of stepping stones it is important that the right species are planted throughout the neighbourhood, and that there are sufficient green sites in the area.

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Planting log

At this site we have planted the following species:

Species Batch Date Quantity Status
Felicia aethiopica Batch #142 May 23, 2019 5 planted
Leonotis ocymifolia Batch #145 Oct 11, 2018 35 planted
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #176 Mar 07, 2019 6 planted
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #177 Nov 09, 2018 9 planted
Carpobrotus edulis Batch #220 Jul 20, 2018 60 planted
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #221 Nov 08, 2018 9 planted
Cotyledon orbiculata Batch #257 Sep 01, 2018 2 planted
Leonotis ocymifolia Batch #258 Sep 01, 2018 64 planted
Portulacaria afra Batch #259 Sep 01, 2018 4 planted
Portulacaria afra Batch #260 Sep 01, 2018 10 planted
Crassula ovata Batch #261 Sep 01, 2018 2 planted
Aloiampelos commixta Batch #262 Sep 01, 2018 2 planted
Bulbine frutescens Batch #263 Sep 01, 2018 14 planted
Gazania rigens var. uniflora Batch #267 Sep 01, 2018 46 planted
Plectranthus neochilus Batch #268 Sep 01, 2018 38 planted
Gazania rigens var. rigens Batch #269 Sep 01, 2018 54 planted
Carpobrotus edulis Batch #276 Oct 11, 2018 50 planted
Plectranthus neochilus Batch #277 Oct 11, 2018 7 planted
Carpobrotus edulis Batch #278 Oct 11, 2018 24 planted
Aloe arborescens Batch #279 Sep 01, 2018 32 planted
Chasmanthe aethiopica Batch #357 May 23, 2019 31 planted

Below is the list with the different species that can be grown on this site. These species would contribute to the greening of , and would fit in with a wider greening strategy for Cape Town. However, this vision is only a proposal and we invite you to comment on it. Are there any other species that would do well? Are there particular uses for this site that we should take into consideration? Do you have a spectacular vision for the plot? Do you have any ideas to involve the wider community? Please let us know!

Wish List Overview

Item Quantity Pledge support
Watsonia spectabilis 30 I can help!
Blue sage
Salvia africana-caerulea
20 I can help!
Cape agapanthus
Agapanthus africanus
60 I can help!
Cape Myrtle
Myrsine africana
40 I can help!
Christmas berry
Chironia baccifera
40 I can help!
Cobra lily
Chasmanthe floribunda
80 I can help!
Helichrysum patulum
50 I can help!
Silver tree
Leucadendron argenteum
20 I can help!
Small cobra lily
Chasmanthe aethiopica
30 I can help!
White arum lily
Zantedeschia aethiopica
40 I can help!
Wild peach
Kiggelaria africana
3 I can help!
Wild rosemary
Eriocephalus africanus
25 I can help!
Wood iris
Dietes iridioides
70 I can help!

If you can help growing any of these species, click the blue button in the table above.

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