Bishops Boys Identified Patch - Site #106


Identifier of this site

Is patch in the down corner of sports club next to Liesbeek river

Why is this important?

This site is located in Rondebosch. Rondebosch is located in close proximity to Table Mountain, and there is a lot of potential to create 'stepping stones' within the area that allow animals (like birds) to come down from Table Mountain and expand their territory, possibly connecting with other areas in the region. However, in order to have a funcional network of stepping stones it is important that the right species are planted throughout the neighbourhood, and that there are sufficient green sites in the area.

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Planting log

At this site we have planted the following species:

Species Batch Date Quantity Status
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #99 Jul 27, 2019 36 planted
Leonotis leonurus Batch #358 Jul 27, 2019 4 planted
Eriocephalus africanus Batch #359 Jul 27, 2019 14 planted
Salvia africana-lutea Batch #360 Jul 27, 2019 10 planted
Solanum africanum Batch #364 Jul 27, 2019 4 planted
Ruschia macowanii Batch #365 Jul 27, 2019 2 planted
Otholobium bracteolatum Batch #368 Jul 27, 2019 4 planted
Arctotis stoechadifolia Batch #411 Jul 27, 2019 60 planted
Plectranthus neochilus Batch #412 Jul 27, 2019 60 planted

What is your vision?

We have not yet defined a vision for this plot. What kind of vegetation would do well here? What is appropriate for this place, and in this context? What do people in this area want here? We would love YOUR input. If you have any ideas, please get in touch so we can share it here and get the discussion started!

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