Cecil Park - Site #76

Jacques Claasen

Identifier of this site

Cecil Park is located on a corner between Rhodes Avenue and Cecil Road. The park contains a grass field in the centre with swings and benches. There are various trees on the plot as well. On the sides there are beds with a large variety of plant species. Some are indigenous, some are not. Local resident Jacques Claasen is very active in maintaining the park and he is continuously planting new species and looks after the plants.

We aim to help Jacques by providing indigenous plants that can enhance the species present in Cecil Park. Due to the proximity to Table Mountain, this is furthermore an important site to plant sunbird and sugarbird friendly species that help create a stepping stone corridor for the birds.

Right next to this site are two other plots that are part of our greening efforts here together with Jacques.

Why is this important?

This site is located in Mowbray. Mowbray is located in close proximity to Table Mountain, and there is a lot of potential to create 'stepping stones' within the area that allow animals (like birds) to come down from Table Mountain and expand their territory, possibly connecting with other areas in the region. However, in order to have a funcional network of stepping stones it is important that the right species are planted throughout the neighbourhood, and that there are sufficient green sites in the area.

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Planting log

At this site we have planted the following species:

Species Batch Date Quantity Status
Senecio talinoides subs. aizoides Batch #35 Jun 12, 2018 6 planted
Crassula tetragona Batch #40 Jun 12, 2018 1 planted
Bulbine frutescens Batch #57 Jun 12, 2018 6 planted
Delosperma cooperi Batch #60 Jun 12, 2018 16 planted
Lampranthus spectabilis Batch #65 Jun 12, 2018 1 planted
Gazania rigens var. rigens Batch #66 Jun 12, 2018 12 planted
Gazania rigens var. uniflora Batch #67 Jun 12, 2018 7 planted
Lampranthus filicaulis Batch #129 Jun 12, 2018 7 planted
Carpobrotus edulis Batch #188 Jun 12, 2018 50 planted
Carpobrotus edulis Batch #220 Jul 19, 2018 120 planted
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #221 Nov 22, 2018 4 planted

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