Our team

Bukiwe Tshetsha

Bukiwe is involved in various tasks in our organisation including propagation and weeding workshops, mother nursery grower and garden carer. She has experience in environmental waste management and completed a National Diploma in Environmental Management. Bukiwe is passionate about people, enjoys practical teamwork and she is always happy to be involved with the community groups.

Frances Taylor

Frances first qualified in Zoology and Ecology and later Environment, Sustainability and Society. Her interests sits at the point where humans and nature meet, and how that interaction is negotiated. Between degrees she worked in school textbook publishing, and continues her appreciation for education through assisting primary school learners with their reading and writing. She cares deeply about both humans, animals and wider social and ecological systems. Her life project is to contribute to finding a fairer negotiation between the seemingly conflicting demands of humans and nature

Mpho Motsoasele

Mpho provides project management, financial management and administrative support to Communitree. He holds a BCom (Hons) in Economics from Stellenbosch University. He also holds a BCom Management Sciences degree and is passionate about sustainable development. Mpho loves to organise community-based greening events. As the world moves towards the goals and visions of 2030 and beyond, he hopes to be part of those that contribute positively.

Nadine Van Zyl

Nadine is involved in various aspects Communitree including bird and insect monitoring, researcher, mother nursery grower and garden carer. She comes from a photographic background and is currently completing her degree in Environmental Management. Nadine is passionate about efforts to restore environmental degradation, loves working with communities and hopes to further her studies in ecology. She also believes that chameleons are her spirit animal.

Paul Hoekman

Paul had over 10 years of experience in IT and web development before he moved into the field of Environmental Science. From Nicaragua he led our IT partner organization, Penguin Protocols, before he came to South Africa where he obtained an MPhil degree in Environmental and Geographical Science. He currently works on projects that combine environmental challenges with IT solutions.

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