Connecting Cape Town’s Green Spaces: Introducing the Fynbos Stepping-Stone Corridor Strategy

Oct 20, 2021

Community-led fynbos rehabilitation in Cape Town is gaining traction. In most residential areas there are members of the public involved in greening private gardens and public spaces. In addition, various organisations in Cape Town have established off-reserve fynbos conservation and rehabilitation programs targeting fynbos habitats in community spaces such as parks, school yards and places of worship and along riverbanks, roads and train lines.

While well-intentioned, these numerous fynbos rehabilitation projects tend to be isolated and uncoordinated and, as a result, are limited in their impact. Each project has its own focus and goals, utilises a different strategy, employs a different rationale for plant selection and sourcing, and carries out different methods of monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

As a response to this situation, a group of Cape Town-based urban greening NGOs (the Greenpop Foundation, Communitree and Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration), funded by the Table Mountain Fund, established the Fynbos Corridor Collaboration in 2018. Over three years, these organisations, in consultation with numerous stakeholders, from fynbos experts to local community projects, developed a set of guidelines for coordinated fynbos rehabilitation in Cape Town.

Join us as we launch the Fynbos Stepping-Stone Corridor Strategy, along with its accompanying website and interactive tools and join the movement towards consolidated off-reserve fynbos rehabilitation in Cape Town.

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Zoe Gauld-Angelucci (The Greenpop Foundation)

Frances Taylor (Communitree)
Paul Hoekman (Communitree)
Kerry Maree (Table Mountain Fund)

Learn more about the Fynbos Corridor Collaboration here:

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