Group activities

Are you part of a sports team? An eco club at a school? A religious group? A team at work? Then it's time to get your group together and spend a morning or afternoon in one of our gardens!

At Communitree we drive on volunteers. However, a group of volunteers is even more useful at times than individual volunteers, because we can do the kind of work that requires a bigger group. With a group ranging from 5-20 people, we can take on activities like:

  • Grass removal. We often battle kikuyu grass which takes time to remove. Working together, it is possible to clear an entire patch which will then becomes much more manageable once ALL of it is out of the way.
  • Sheet mulching. This is a technique in which we cover a grass-infested plot with cardboard sheets, and then put compost and mulch on top. We then plant indigenous vegetation at the top. The grass will slowly die and the new indigenous groundcovers will take root before other weeds settle.
  • Alien clearing. When we start at a new plot, we try to remove aliens. This can include agaves, Port Jacksons, or any of the many other invasives that we find at our sites.

If you have a group of people, then your group can really make a huge difference! We are happy to schedule a gardening event with your group on the day and time of your convenience. There are many existing gardens that we can organise an event, but we may also use your group to kickstart a new site.

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