Communitree is a small, South African non-profit. Most of our work is made possibly by our network of volunteers. This has enabled us to achieve a lot without requiring lots of money. However, we can always use equipment, materials, and funds to sustain and expand our operations, and we are very grateful for anyone who can assist us. Below are a few options of how you can help.

Donate equipment

Our volunteers dig, weed, and clear grasses. All our gardening work requires equipment. If you have any spades, forks, or other gardening equipment, please let us know! For our training with home nursery volunteers we can also use planting trays and watering cans.

Donate materials

There are a number of materials that we often need. This includes:

  • Mulch
  • Compost
  • Tree trunks and branches (we use those to demarcate our gardens)
  • Rocks (also used for demarcation)
  • Saw dust (we use this to create paths in our gardens)

Donate money

Your donation enables us to keep our operations running. We are glad to discuss with you if you have a specific destination or project in mind for your donation.

Sponsor signage

Having clear signage that explains the work that we are doing at our sites helps a lot. The signs need to be robust and water-proof. Can you help? Let us know!

Sponsor community events

Whenever we can, we hold free workshops and events for peopl in the communities around our corridors and projects. During these workshops we train people in plant propagation, fynbos conservation, corridor building, bird monitoring, and other skills and insights that create awareness and that support our work. Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring specific community events.

Assist with transportation

We often need to move plants, garden equipment, and materials around. However, Communitree does not own a bakkie and it is sometimes difficult for us to move things around. If you are able to assist us with transportation, please let us know!


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