Sunbird Stepping-stone Project

This project is inspired by a key partner Ingcungcu. Although there are several justifications for the project development and execution, the project major roles can be seen as a) diversification of species b) plant abundance. Diversification of species entails restoring the historical migration routes of Sunbird & Sugarbird to and from Table Mountain. These birds play a major in pollinating Fynbos particularly, Sugar bushes, Proteas, Ericas and bulbs.

This process involves selecting the ‘right’ plant species to plant in priority sites. The right plants herein would mean plants that attract birds. This process is then followed by a routine of bird-monitoring 

Photo: Orange-breasted Sunbird by Derek Keats (CC BY-SA)

Cape Flats Sand Fynbos and nectar-rich (Iingcungcu)

Species Notes
Albuca juncifolia Easy to grow
Erica mammosa
Erica verticillata Easy to grow
Lachenalia reflexa Easy to grow
Leucospermum conocarpodendron
Protea burchellii
Protea repens Easy to grow
Salvia lanceolata
Watsonia meriana

Penisula Shale Renosterveld nectar-rich (Iingcungcu)

Species Notes
Chasmanthe aethiopica Easy to grow
Chasmanthe floribunda Easy to grow
Watsonia spectabilis

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