Species List

This is a list of the species that are part of Cape Town's indigenous vegetation types or that have been found in the city. The Cape Floristic Kingdom is highly diverse so don't consider that plants are suitable for all areas if they appear in this list. Rather, use our vegetation types page to learn more about what species grow where. Anyone keen to learn more about South African plants should bookmark the PlantZAfrica website.
Genus Scientific name Common name(s) Features
Serruria foeniculacea. strawberry spiderhead Endangered
Adenandra Adenandra obtusata Agulhas china flower Least Concern
Adenandra Adenandra uniflora China Flower, Bergskaapboegoe Least Concern
Adenocline Adenocline pauciflora Least Concern
Adenogramma Adenogramma glomerata Muggiesgras Least Concern
Afrocarpus Afrocarpus falcatus Outeniqua yellowwood, Outeniekwageelhout Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Agapanthus Agapanthus africanus Cape agapanthus, Isicakathi , Kleinbloulelei Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Agathosma Agathosma apiculata Garlic buchu, Knoffelboegoe Medicinal use Least Concern
Agrostis Agrostis lachnantha var. calycina Least Concern
Agrostis Agrostis lachnantha var. lachnantha Least Concern
Aizoon Aizoon sarmentosum Least Concern
Albuca Albuca canadensis Least Concern
Albuca Albuca flaccida Least Concern
Albuca Albuca juncifolia Slime lily Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Albuca Albuca maxima Least Concern
Albuca Albuca spiralis Krulle Least Concern
Aloe Aloe africana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe arborescens Kranz aloe, Ikhala, Ingcelwane, Unomaweni, Kransaalwyn Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Aloe Aloe arenicola Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe bowiea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe brevifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe buhrii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe ciliaris Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe claviflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe commixta Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe comosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe comptonii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe distans Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe falcata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe ferox Bitter aloe, Umhlaba, Kanniedood Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Aloe Aloe framesii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe glauca Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe gracilis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe haemanthifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe humilis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe lineata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe longistyla Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe maculata Soap Aloe, Ingcelwane, Bontaalwyn Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe micracantha Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe microstigma Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe perfoliata Rubble Aloe, Puin Aalwyn Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe pictifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe plicatilis Fan aloe Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe pluridens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe speciosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe striata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloe Aloe succotrina Fynbos Aloe Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use
Aloe Aloe variegata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloiampelos Aloiampelos ciliaris var. ciliaris Climbing aloe, Rank-aalwyn Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Aloiampelos Aloiampelos commixta Peninsula Rambling aloe Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use
Aloidendron Aloidendron barbarae Tree Aloe Least Concern
Amaryllis Amaryllis belladonna Least Concern
Ammocharis Ammocharis longifolia Malgas lily, seeroogblom Pot plant Least Concern
Anemia Anemia caffrorum Least Concern
Anemone Anemone tenuifolia Wild anemone, Veldanemoon Least Concern
Anisodontea Anisodontea scabrosa rough-leaf African mallow, sand rose, pink mallow, hairy mallow, pienk-kiesieblaar, harigemalva Pot plant Least Concern
Annesorhiza Annesorhiza grandiflora Harige anyswortel Least Concern
Annesorhiza Annesorhiza macrocarpa Wilde-Anyswortel Least Concern
Annesorhiza Annesorhiza nuda Soetanyswortel Least Concern
Anthospermum Anthospermum aethiopicum
Anthospermum Anthospermum galioides galioides Least Concern
Anthospermum Anthospermum prostratum Lidjiestee Least Concern
Anthospermum Anthospermum spathulatum spathulatum Skaapbos Least Concern
Antimima Antimima pusilla Least Concern
Apodytes Apodytes dimidiata White Pear
Aponogeton Aponogeton angustifolius Wet sites Vulnerable
Aponogeton Aponogeton distachyos Cape pond weed, waterblommetjie Wet sites Least Concern
Aptenia Aptenia cordifolia Red/baby sun rose, rooi brakvygie Medicinal use
Arctopus Arctopus echinatus Least Concern
Arctotheca Arctotheca calendula Capeweed, Botterblom Least Concern
Arctotheca Arctotheca populifolia Sea Pumpkin; Cape Beach Daisy Least Concern
Arctotis Arctotis hirsuta Namaqua marigold, Gousblom Least Concern
Arctotis Arctotis stoechadifolia Silver arctotis, Witgousblom Least Concern
Aristea Aristea africana Moerbos Medicinal use Least Concern
Aristea Aristea bakeri Least Concern
Aristea Aristea cuspidata Least Concern
Aristea Aristea glauca Least Concern
Artemisia Artemisia afra Wormwood, Umhlonyane, Bitterals Medicinal use Least Concern
Asclepiascrispa Asclepiascrispa Milkweed; bitterwortel Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus acuminata Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus angustifolia Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus cephalotes violacea Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus chenopoda
Aspalathus Aspalathus cordata Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus cymbiformis Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus ericifolia Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus ericifolia ericifolia Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus filicaulis Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus forbesii Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus hispida Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus hispida hispida Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus retroflexa Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus sericea Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus spinosa Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus ternata Vulnerable
Aspalathus Aspalathus tridentata Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus uniflora Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus aethiopicus Wild asparagus, Haakdoring Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus africanus Wild asparagus, Haakdoring, umathunga Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus asparagoides Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus capensis Wild Asparagus, Katdoring Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus crispus Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus declinatus Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus Lignosus Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus rubicundus Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus undulatus Least Concern
Asphodelus Asphodelus fistulosus Onion weed Least Concern
Asplenium Asplenium aethiopicum African Spleenwort Least Concern
Astephanus Astephanus triflorus Bokhoring Least Concern
Asystasia Asystasia gangetica micrantha Creeping foxglove
Athanasia Athanasia capitata Endangered
Athanasia Athanasia crithmifolia
Athanasia Athanasia dentata The Dentist Athanasia, Geelblombos Medicinal use Least Concern
Athanasia Athanasia trifurcata Least Concern
Avena Avena sterilis Winter wild oat Least Concern
Babiana Babiana ambigua Least Concern
Babiana Babiana fragrans fragrant blue babiana, bobbejaantjie, bobbejaanuintjie Pot plant Near Threatened
Babiana Babiana hirsuta (Lam.) Goldblatt & J.C.Manning red babiana, rooibobbejaantjie, rooihanekam, strandlelie, sandlelie Pot plant
Babiana Babiana ringens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Babiana Babiana stricta Blue Freesia, Baboon flower, Bobbejaantjie Near Threatened
Babiana Babiana thunbergii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Babiana Babiana tubiflora Bobbejaantjie Least Concern
Babiana Babiana tubulosa Near Threatened
Babiana Babiana villosa Rooibobbejaantjie Pot plant Near Threatened
Baeometra Baeometra uniflora Least Concern
Baleria Baleria repens small bush violet, kleinbosviooltjie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Pot plant Least Concern
Barleria Barleria obtusa Bush violet, Bosviooltjie Least Concern
Bassia Bassia diffusa Beach Soutbos, Soutbossie Least Concern
Berkheya Berkheya armata Vlaktedoring Least Concern
Berkheya Berkheya carlinifolia promontorii Vulnerable
Berkheya Berkheya pinnatifida Least Concern
Berkheya Berkheya rigida Least Concern
Berula Berula erecta Giant water parsnip, Tandpynwortel Least Concern
Berzelia Berzelia abrotanoides Redlegs, Rooibeentjies Wet sites Least Concern
Berzelia Berzelia albiflora coffee-scented berzelia, coffee bush, white-flowered brunia, knopbossie, fonteinbossie, stompies Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Berzelia Berzelia lanuginosa Common button bush, Vleiknoppiesbos Wet sites Least Concern
Bidens Bidens pilosa Common Blackjack, Gewone knapseherel Least Concern
Bobartia Bobartia indica Least Concern
Bobartia Bobartia orientalis Geelblombiesie Least Concern
Bobartia Bobartia sp. Least Concern
Bolboschoenus Bolboschoenus maritimus Least Concern
Bonatea Bonatea speciosa green wood orchid, moederkappie Pot plant Least Concern
Brabejum Brabejum stellatifolium Wild Almond, Ghoekoffieboontjie Wet sites Least Concern
Brachylaena Brachylaena discolor Coast Silver Oak, Kusvaalbos, umPhahla Least Concern
Brachylaena Brachylaena neriifolia Cape Silver Oak
Briza Briza minor Small quaking grass Least Concern
Bromus Bromus catharticus Rescue grass Least Concern
Bromus Bromus diandrus Ripgut Brome Least Concern
Bromus Bromus pectinatus Japanese Brome, Hawergras Least Concern
Brunia Brunia laevis Silver Brunia Least Concern
Brunia Brunia noduliflora common brunia, knopbos, knoppies, fonteinbos, stompies, volstruisies Least Concern
Brunia Brunia stokoei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Brunsvigia Brunsvigia josephinae Candelabra lily, Kandelaarblom Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant
Brunsvigia Brunsvigia litoralis Surfer's Cadelabra, Kandelaar Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Pot plant Endangered
Brunsvigia Brunsvigia orientalis Candelabra flower Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Least Concern
Bryum Bryum argenteum
Buddleja Buddleja saligna False olive, unGqeba, Basterolyf, Bossalie, Withoutolienhout, Wildevlierboom Medicinal use Least Concern
Buddleja Buddleja salviifolia Sagewood, Ewanci, Saliehout Medicinal use Least Concern
Bulbine Bulbine alooides Pot plant Least Concern
Bulbine Bulbine annua Kopieva Least Concern
Bulbine Bulbine cepacea Least Concern
Bulbine Bulbine favosa Pot plant Least Concern
Bulbine Bulbine frutescens Snake flower, Geelkatstert
Bulbine Bulbine lagopus Least Concern
Bulbinella Bulbinella triquetra Least Concern
Burchellia Burchellia bubalina Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Cadaba Cadaba aphylla Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Caesia Caesia contorta Least Concern
Callistemon Callistemon Bottlebrush Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly
Calopsis Calopsis rigorata Least Concern
Campylopus Campylopus sp. Least Concern
Canthium Canthium inerme Cape Date, umvuthwamini, doringels Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Capnophyllum Capnophyllum africanum Near Threatened
Carex Carex clavata Least Concern
Carex Carex ecklonii Least Concern
Carissa Carissa macrocarpa Num-num, Umthungulu, Grootnoem-noem Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Carpanthea Carpanthea pomeridiana carpanthea, vetkousie Pot plant Least Concern
Carpha Carpha glomerata Vleiriet Wet sites Least Concern
Carpobrotus Carpobrotus acinaciformis Elands sour fig, Elandvye Medicinal use Least Concern
Carpobrotus Carpobrotus edulis Sour fig, Unomatyumtyum, Igcukuma, Kaapsevy Medicinal use Least Concern
Cassine Cassine peragua Forest Spoonwood
Cassytha Cassytha ciliolata Least Concern
Catapodiumrigida Catapodiumrigida Brakgras Least Concern
Celtis Celtis africana White Stinkwood
Centella Centella affinis Least Concern
Centella Centella asiatica Wet sites Least Concern
Centella Centella glabrata Persiegras Least Concern
Centella Centella macrocarpa Least Concern
Centella Centella tridentata Least Concern
Cerastium Cerastium capense Least Concern
Cerastium Cerastium glomeratum Least Concern
Chaenostoma Chaenostoma hispidum Brisky Skunkbush, Stinkbossie Least Concern
Chasmanthe Chasmanthe aethiopica Small cobra lily, Klein piempiempie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Chasmanthe Chasmanthe bicolor Red-and-green cobra lily, Suurkanolpypie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Vulnerable
Chasmanthe Chasmanthe floribunda Cobra lily, Kapelpypie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Chasmanthe Chasmanthe floribunda 'Duckittii' Yellow cobra lily, Geelpiempiempie Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Cheilanthes Cheilanthes capensis Lip Fern Least Concern
Cheilanthes Cheilanthes contracta Least Concern
Cheilanthes Cheilanthes hastata Least Concern
Chionanthus Chionanthus foveolatus Bastard Ironwood
Chironia Chironia baccifera Christmas berry, Bitterbos Medicinal use Least Concern
Chironia Chironia c.f tetragona Least Concern
Chironia Chironia decumbens Centuary, Bitterwortel Least Concern
Chlorophytum Chlorophytum rangei Least Concern
Chlorophytum Chlorophytum triflorum Least Concern
Chondropetalum Chondropetalum nudum Wet sites Least Concern
Chrysanthemoides Chrysanthemoides incana Least Concern
Chrysanthemoides Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp monilifera Bietou
Chrysitrix Chrysitrix capensis Least Concern
Chrysocoma Chrysocoma coma-aurea
Cineraria Cineraria geifolia Sea Cineraria Least Concern
Cissampelos Cissampelos capensis Root of David, Maysakie, Dawidtjiewortel Medicinal use Least Concern
Cladium Cladium mariscus subsp. jamaicense Saw-Grass Least Concern
Cleretum Cleretum apetalum Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia dodecandra Wet sites Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia ericifolia Endangered
Cliffortia Cliffortia ferruginea Glossy cliffortia, Glastee Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia hirta Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia juniperina
Cliffortia Cliffortia longifolia Vulnerable
Cliffortia Cliffortia obcordata Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia polygonifolia Paddabos Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia ruscifolia Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia stricta Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia strobilifera Cone River Caperose, Umnwele, Kammiebos Wet sites Least Concern
Clivia Clivia miniata Bush lily, Boslelie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use
Clutia Clutia alaternoides Broad-leaf Clutia, Bliksembossie Least Concern
Clutia Clutia pulchella Lightning Bush, Gewone Bliksembos, Iqadi Least Concern
Codonorhiza Codonorhiza corymbosa Blue Cabong, Koringblom Endangered
Colchicum Colchicum eucomoides Least Concern
Colchium Colchium capense subsp. capense Uilblaar Least Concern
Colchium Colchium eucomoides Men-in-a-boat, Patrysblom Least Concern
Coleonema Coleonema album Cape may, (not known), Aasbossie Medicinal use Least Concern
Colpoon Colpoon compressum Barkbush, Basbessie, Intekaza Least Concern
Commelina Commelina africana Common yellow commelina Least Concern
Commelina Commelina benghalensis Blouselblommetjie, Wandering Jew Least Concern
Conicosia Conicosia pugioniformis Narrow-leaved iceplant, Varkslaai Least Concern
Convolvulus Convolvulus farinosis Wild Bindweed Least Concern
Corycium Corycium orobanchoides
Cotula Cotula coronopifolia Least Concern
Cotula Cotula filifolia Least Concern
Cotula Cotula nigellifolia var. nigellifolia Stootsiektebossie, Umsolo Least Concern
Cotula Cotula turbinata Ganskos Least Concern
Cotula Cotula vulgaris Least Concern
Cotyledon Cotyledon orbiculata Pig's ear Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula brevifolia Least Concern
Crassula Crassula campestris Stonecrop Least Concern
Crassula Crassula capensis capensis Cape snowdrop, Skaamblom Least Concern
Crassula Crassula ciliata Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula cymosa Least Concern
Crassula Crassula decumbens var. brachyphylla Least Concern
Crassula Crassula dejecta doily crassula, klipblom Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula dichotoma Orange Crassula Least Concern
Crassula Crassula fascicularis Fragrant crassula, Ruiksissie Least Concern
Crassula Crassula glomerata Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula multicava Fairy crassula, Feetjie crassula
Crassula Crassula muscosa Lizard's Tail, Skoenveterbos Not Evaluated
Crassula Crassula natans Pot plant Wet sites Least Concern
Crassula Crassula nudicaulis nudicaulis Least Concern
Crassula Crassula ovata Kerky bush, umxhalagube, Beestebul Medicinal use Least Concern
Crassula Crassula saxifraga Least Concern
Crassula Crassula scabra Least Concern
Crassula Crassula tetragona Karkai Least Concern
Crassula Crassula thunbergiana Least Concern
Crassula Crassula thunbergiana subsp. thunbergiana Pot plant Least Concern
Crossyne Crossyne cf. guttata Least Concern
Crotalaria Crotalaria capensis Cape rattle-pod, Kaapse klapperpeul Least Concern
Crotalaria Crotalaria excisa Least Concern
Cunonia Cunonia capensis Rooiels
Curio Curio crassulifolius Blue fingers, Blouvingertjies
Curtisia Curtisia dentata Assegai
Cuscuta Cuscuta nitida Monniksbaard, Vrouehaar Least Concern
Cyanella Cyanella hyacinthoides Least Concern
Cymbopogon Cymbopogon marginatus
Cynanchum Cynanchum africanum Goat's-horn, Bobbejaantou Least Concern
Cynanchum Cynanchum obtusifolium Monkey rope, Melktou Least Concern
Cynanchum Cynanchum zeyheri Least Concern
Cynodon Cynodon dactylon Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus cf. sphaerospermus Schrad.
Cyperus Cyperus esculentus var. esculentus Yellow Nut Grass Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus lanceus
Cyperus Cyperus longus Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus mundtii
Cyperus Cyperus sphaerospermus Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus textilis Umbrella sedge, Imisi , Matjiesgoed Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus thunbergii Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia bulbosa Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia digitata Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia incisa Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia phyteuma Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia volubilis Aardboontjie Least Concern
Cyrtanthus Cyrtanthus angustifolius Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Cyrtanthus Cyrtanthus carneus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Cyrtanthus Cyrtanthus fergusoniae Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Cyrtanthus Cyrtanthus labiatus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Cyrtanthus Cyrtanthus odorus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Cyrtanthus Cyrtanthus ventricosus fire lily, brandlelie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Pot plant Least Concern
Cysticapnos Cysticapnos cracca Least Concern
Cysticapnos Cysticapnos vesicaria Crackerpot, Klapklappie Least Concern
Dais Dais cotinifolia Pompon tree, inTozani, Kannabas
Dasispermum Dasispermum hispidum Least Concern
Dasispermum Dasispermum suffruticosum Dune Parsley Least Concern
Daubenya Daubenya zeyheri Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Delosperma Delosperma cooperi Trailing Iceplant
Dianthus Dianthus albens Wild pink, Wilde-angelier Least Concern
Diascia Diascia capensis Least Concern
Diastella Diastella proteoides Critically Endangered
Dicerothamnus Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis Renosterbos Least Concern
Didymodoxa Didymodoxa capensis integrifolia Least Concern
Dietes Dietes grandiflora Large wild iris, Groot wilde-iris
Dietes Dietes iridioides Wood iris Medicinal use Least Concern
Dilatris Dilatris ixioides
Dimorphotheca Dimorphotheca eckloni Cape marguerite, Kaapse magriet
Dimorphotheca Dimorphotheca fruticosa White daisy bush, Van Staden's daisy Least Concern
Dimorphotheca Dimorphotheca pluvialis Least Concern
Diosma Diosma hirsuta Wild Buchu, Hottentotsboegoe Least Concern
Diosma Diosma oppositifolia bitter buchu, bitterboegoe Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Diospyros Diospyros glabra Blueberry Bish, Bloubekbessie Least Concern
Diospyros Diospyros whyteana Wild Coffee
Diospyros Diospyros whyteana Bladder-nut, umTenatane, Swartbas Bird friendly Medicinal use
Dipcadi Dipcadi brevifolium Slangui Least Concern
Disa Disa barbata Critically Endangered
Disa Disa bracteata Least Concern
Disa Disa bracteata Sw.
Disa Disa cornuta Golden Orchid Least Concern
Disa Disa harveiana Lilac disa Least Concern
Disa Disa tenuis
Dischisma Dischisma arenarium Least Concern
Dischisma Dischisma capitatum Least Concern
Dischisma Dischisma ciliatum subsp. ciliatum False slugwort, Basterslakblom Least Concern
Disperis Disperis circumflexa Least Concern
Disperis Disperis villosa
Dodonaea Dodonaea angustifolia Sand olive, (not known), Sandolien, Bosysterhout, Ysterbos, Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Dodonaea Dodonaea viscosa angustifolia Sand Olive, Sandolien Least Concern
Dodonea Dodonea viscosa Sand Olive
Dolichos Dolichos decumbens Cape Butterflypea Least Concern
Dorotheanthus Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Buck Bay vygie, Bokbaaivygie
Drimia Drimia altissima Tall White Squill Least Concern
Drimia Drimia exuviata Least Concern
Drimia Drimia filifolia Least Concern
Drimia Drimia minor Least Concern
Drosanthemum Drosanthemum asperulum Least Concern
Drosanthemum Drosanthemum striatum Ice Plant, Vleisbos Vulnerable
Drosera Drosera capensis Cape Sundew, Sondouw Medicinal use Pot plant Wet sites Least Concern
Drosera Drosera cistiflora Wet sites Least Concern
Drosera Drosera hilaris Least Concern
Drosera Drosera trinervia Wet sites Least Concern
Drosera Drosera trinervia Spreng. Wet sites Least Concern
Edmondia Edmondia sesamoides Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta calycina Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta erecta Lam. Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta longiflora J.E.Sm. Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta melicoides Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta villosa
Ekebergia Ekebergia capensis Cape Ash, Essenhout Least Concern
Elegia Elegia asperiflora Least Concern
Elegia Elegia capensis horsetail restio, besemriet Least Concern
Elegia Elegia filacea Little golden curls Least Concern
Elegia Elegia macrocarpa Least Concern
Elegia Elegia nuda Least Concern
Elegia Elegia recta
Elegia Elegia tectorum Cape thatching reed, dakriet Wet sites Least Concern
Elegia Elegia thyrsifera Wet sites Least Concern
Elegia Elegia thyrsifera
Elegia Elegia virginulata
Elytropappus Elytropappus rhinocerotis Not Evaluated
Empodium Empodium plicatum Least Concern
Eragrostis Eragrostis brizoides
Eragrostis Eragrostis capensis
Eragrostis Eragrostis curvula
Erepsia Erepsia anceps Pot plant Least Concern
Erepsia Erepsia aspera Least Concern
Erepsia Erepsia bracteata Least Concern
Erepsia Erepsia gracilis Least Concern
Erica Erica abelii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica abietina Red Heath, Rooiheide Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Least Concern
Erica Erica abietina subsp. atrorosea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica abietina subsp. perfoliosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica alfredii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica ampullacea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica annectens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica aristata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica armata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica astroites Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica atrovinosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica axilliflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica baccans Berry Heath, bessieheide Least Concern
Erica Erica banksia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica barrydalensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica bauera Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica beatricis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica berzelioides Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica bibax Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica blenna Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica bodkinii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica borboniifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica brachialis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica breviflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica caffra Nectar-rich (sunbird) Wet sites
Erica Erica calcareophila Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica caledonica Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica cameronii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica casta Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica cerinthoides Fire Heath, rooihaartjie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Pot plant Least Concern
Erica Erica chloroloma Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica chlorosepala Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica chrysocodon Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica coccinea Tassel Heath, Hangertjies Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Least Concern
Erica Erica colorans Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica conica Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica conspicua Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica corifolia Near Threatened
Erica Erica cremea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica curviflora Water Heath, waterheide Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Wet sites Least Concern
Erica Erica cygnea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica cylindrica Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica daphniflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica densifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica dianthifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica diaphana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica dichrus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica discolor Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica doliiformis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica embothriifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica ericoides Honey Heath Least Concern
Erica Erica etheliae Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica eugenea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica excavata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica fairii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica fascicularis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica fastigiata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica fervida Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica filamentosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica filipendula Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica foliacea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica fontana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica galgebergensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica gallorum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica galpinii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica gilva Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica glandulosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica glauca Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica glutinosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica goatcheriana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica gossypioides Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica grandiflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica grisbrookii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica gysbertii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica halicacaba Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica hameriana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica hanekomii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica hebecalyx Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica heleogena Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica heleophila Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica hendricksii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica hibbertia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica hispidula Least Concern
Erica Erica holosericea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica imbricata Pot plant Least Concern
Erica Erica incarnata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica inclusa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica inflata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica infundibuliformis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica inordinata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica insignis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica insolitanthera Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica intonsa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica irbyana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica ixanthera Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica jasminiflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica junonia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica kirstenii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica kogelbergenisis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lageniformis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lananthera Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lanipes Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lanuginosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lasciva Least Concern
Erica Erica latiflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lawsonia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica leucosiphon Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica leucotrachela Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica lineata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica longifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica macilenta Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica macowanii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica macroloma Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica mammosa Nine-pin Heath, Rooiklossieheide Nectar-rich (sunbird) Wet sites Least Concern
Erica Erica margaritaceae Critically Endangered
Erica Erica mariae Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica massonii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica mauritanica Near Threatened
Erica Erica maximiliani Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica mitchellensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica monadelphia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica monsoniana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica mucronata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica multumbellifera Least Concern
Erica Erica muscosa Least Concern
Erica Erica nabea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica nana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica nematophylla Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica nevillei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica oblongiflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica odorata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica omninoglabra Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica pageana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica paludicola Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica papyracea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica patersonia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica patersonii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica pectinifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica perspicua Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica phillipsii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica physodes Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica pinea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica plena Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica plukenetii Hangertjies Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Least Concern
Erica Erica porteri Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica praenitens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica primulina Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica propendens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica pudens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica pulchella Least Concern
Erica Erica pyramidalis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica quadrisulcata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica recta Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica regia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica retorta Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica rufescens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica sacciflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica sagittata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica savilea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica saxigena Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica schumannii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica sessiliflora Green Heath, Groenheide Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Wet sites Least Concern
Erica Erica shannonea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica similis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica simils Least Concern
Erica Erica sociorum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica sparrmannii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica speciosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica squarrosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica steinbergiana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica strigilifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica strigosa Least Concern
Erica Erica subdivaricata Least Concern
Erica Erica taxifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica tenax Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica thomae Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica toringbergensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica trachysantha Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica trichophora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica trichroma Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica tristis Least Concern
Erica Erica tubercularis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica tumida Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica turgida Pot plant Extinct in the wild
Erica Erica turrisbabylonica Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica urna-viridis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica ustulescens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica vallisaranearum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica vallisgratiae Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica velitaris Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica ventricosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica versicolor Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica verticillata Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Wet sites Extinct in the wild
Erica Erica vestita Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica viridescens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica viscaria Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica walkeria Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica wendlandiana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica winteri Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica xanthina Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica xerophila Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Erica Erica zitzikammensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Eriocephalus Eriocephalus africanus Wild rosemary, Kapokbossie Medicinal use Least Concern
Eriocephalus Eriocephalus africanus var. africanus
Eriocephalus Eriocephalus racemosus Coast wild rosemary Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum capense Elephants Ear, Bobbejaanoor Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum cordiforme Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum lanceifolium Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum pumilum Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum spirale Least Concern
Erythrina Erythrina lysistemon Common coral tree, Gewone koraalboom Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus saligna Bluegum
Euclea Euclea racemosa Least Concern
Euclea Euclea tomentosa Honey Guarri, Jakkalsbos Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia caput-medusae Medusa's Head Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia genistoides Pisgras Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia hirta hairy spurge, Rooi euphorbia Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia mauritanica Yellow milkbush, Geelmelkbos Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia rigida Milkweed Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia tenax Steenbokbos Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia tuberosa milk-ball, wild charlock, melkbol, wilderamenas Pot plant Least Concern
Euryops Euryops abrotanifolius Mountain resin bush, Geelmagriet Least Concern
Euryops Euryops linearis De Hoop euryops Near Threatened
Euryops Euryops pectinatus Golden euryops, Wolharpuisbos
Eustegia Eustegia filiformis Least Concern
Eustegia Eustegia minuta Least Concern
Exomis Exomis microphylla var. axyrioides Basterhondebossie Least Concern
Falkia Falkia repens Least Concern
Felicia Felicia aethiopica Wild aster, Wilde-aster
Felicia Felicia bergeriana Kingfisher daisy Least Concern
Felicia Felicia echinata Prickly felicia, Bloublommetjie Least Concern
Felicia Felicia filifolia
Felicia Felicia fruticosa Least Concern
Felicia Felicia heterophylla Least Concern
Felicia Felicia tenella Least Concern
Felicia Felicia tenella subsp. longifolia Least Concern
Ferraria Ferraria crispa Spinnekopblom Least Concern
ferraria ferraria divaricata Geel spinnekop Least Concern
Festuca Festuca scabra Munnik Fescue, Munnik Swenkgras Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia argyropa Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia bulbosa Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia capitella Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia crinita Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia dunensis Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia fastigiata Vulnerable
Ficinia Ficinia filiformis Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia india Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia indica Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia lateralis Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia nigrescens Swartkopbiesie Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia nodosa Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia oligantha Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia ramosissima Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia secunda Biesie Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia trichodes Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia tristachya Least Concern
Fiscal Fiscal tree Fiscal tree
Freylinia Freylinia lanceolata honey bell-bush, heuningklokkiesbos Bird friendly Wet sites Least Concern
Frilly-leafed Frilly-leafed Oak
Fuirena Fuirena coerulescens Least Concern
Fuirena Fuirena hirsuta Wet sites Least Concern
Fuirina Fuirina hirsuta Least Concern
Galenia Galenia pubescens Bloubrakbossie Least Concern
Galenia Galenia pubescens var. pubescens
Galium Galium tomentosum Old man's beard, Kleefgras Least Concern
Gasteria Gasteria glomerata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Gazania Gazania pectinata Botterblom Least Concern
Gazania Gazania rigens var. rigens Clumping Gazania Least Concern
Gazania Gazania rigens var. uniflora Treasure flower Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza aspera Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza aspera Goldblatt Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza geminata Endangered
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza hispidula Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza imbricata Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza imbricata bicolor Near Threatened
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza inflexa Witsyblom Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza Ixia Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza juncea Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza maculata Near Threatened
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza tenella Near Threatened
Geranium Geranium incanum Least Concern
Geranium Geranium rotundifolium Round leaf Geranium Least Concern
Gethyllis Gethyllis afra Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus angustus Long-tubed painted lady, Katjietee Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus bonaspei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Gladiolus Gladiolus brevifolius Autumn Pipes, Herfspypie Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus carinatus Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus cunonius Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus gracilis Reed Bells, Bloupypie Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus priorii Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus quadrangulus Endangered
Gladiolus Gladiolus splendens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Gladiolus Gladiolus teretifolius Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Gladiolus Gladiolus tristis Marsh Afrikaner, Rooi-afrikaner Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus undulatus Painted Lady, Rooibontpypie Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus watsonius Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Globulariopsis Globulariopsis adpressa Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia inconspicua Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia juniperifolia Lam. Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia laxa Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia sericea Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia spicata Vulnerable
Gnidia Gnidia subulata Lam. Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia viridis Gonnabos; fyntaaibos Least Concern
Gomphocarpus Gomphocarpus cancellatus Wild cotton, Bergmelkbos Least Concern
Gomphocarpus Gomphocarpus fruticosus Least Concern
Gomphocarpus Gomphocarpus physocarpus Least Concern
Gomphocarpus Gomphocarpus sp. Least Concern
Grammatotheca Grammatotheca bergiana Water Lobelia Wet sites Least Concern
Grewia Grewia occidentalis Cross-berry Raisin
Gunnera Gunnera perpensa River pumpkin, ighobo, Rivierpampoen Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Gymnosporia Gymnosporia buxifolia Least Concern
Gymnosporia Gymnosporia heterophylla Angle-stem spikethorn Least Concern
Haemanthus Haemanthus amarylloides Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Haemanthus Haemanthus canaliculatus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Haemanthus Haemanthus coccineus March flower, Umathunga Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Haemanthus Haemanthus pubescens Paintbrush, Poeierkwas Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Pot plant Vulnerable
Haemanthus Haemanthus sanguineus Blood flower, Umathunga, Veldskoenblaar Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Halleria Halleria elliptica Rock tree-fuchsia, kinderbessie Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Halleria Halleria lucida Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant
Harpephyllum Harpephyllum caffrum Wild plum, Umgwenya, Wildepruim Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Hartogiella Hartogiella schinoides Spoonwood
Harveya Harveya bolusii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Harveya Harveya capensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Harveya Harveya purpurea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Harveya Harveya squamosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Hebenstretia Hebenstretia repens Slugwort Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum asperum asperum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum asperum glabrum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum cochleariforme Gold-and-silver Near Threatened
Helichrysum Helichrysum crispum Kooigoed Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum crispum (H. patulum?) Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum cylindriflorum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum cymosum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum cymosum cymosum Gold carpet, Goue tapyt, Impepho Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum cymosum subsp. cymosum
Helichrysum Helichrysum dasyanthum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum indicum Annual strawflower Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum litorale Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum niveum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum nudifolium Hottentot's tea Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum pandurifolium Fiddle-leaved strawflower, Kooigoed Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum patulum Honeyeverlasting, Imphepho, Kooigoed Medicinal use Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum petiolare Everlasting, Imphepho, Kooigoed Medicinal use
Helichrysum Helichrysum revolutum Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum teretifolium Least Concern
Helictotrichon Helictotrichon dodii Least Concern
Helictotrichon Helictotrichon leoninum Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila africana Flax, Sporries Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila coronopifolia Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila diffusa White sporrie Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila pursila Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila pusilla Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila pusilla var. pusilla Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila refracta Sporrie Least Concern
Heliophilia Heliophilia juncea Wild stock, blouriet
Hellmuthia Hellmuthia membranacea Wet sites Least Concern
Helminthotheca Helminthotheca echioides bristly oxtongue Least Concern
Hemimeris Hemimeris racemosa Least Concern
Hemimeris Hemimeris sabulosa Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia alnifolia Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia althaeifolia Bokkiesblom Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia cuneifolia
Hermannia Hermannia diffusa
Hermannia Hermannia hyssopifolia Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia multiflora Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia pinnata Doll's rose, Kwasblaar kruip poprosie Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia prismatocarpa Least Concern
Herniaria Herniaria capensis Least Concern
Hesperantha Hesperantha falcata Least Concern
Hesperantha Hesperantha radiata Least Concern
Hesperantha Hesperantha spicata Critically Endangered
Hessea Hessea cinnamomea Least Concern
Heteropogon Heteropogon contortus Spear Grass, Pylgras, isitupe Least Concern
Hibiscus Hibiscus Hibiscus Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly
Hibiscus Hibiscus aethiopicus Common Dwarf Wild Hibiscus, Wildestokroos Least Concern
Hibiscus Hibiscus diversifolius subsp. diversifolius Prickly Hibiscus Least Concern
Holothrix Holothrix villosa Least Concern
Holothrix Holothrix villosa Lindl.
Holothrix Holothrix villosa villosa Thread Orchid Least Concern
Hydrocotyle Hydrocotyle verticillata Least Concern
Hydrodictyon Hydrodictyon africanum Waternet Least Concern
Hymenolepis Hymenolepis crithmifolia Coulter-bush, Pokbos Least Concern
Hyobanche Hyobanche atropurpurea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Hyobanche Hyobanche glabrata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Hyobanche Hyobanche sanguinea Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Hyparrhenia Hyparrhenia hirta Least Concern
Hypochaeris Hypochaeris glabra Smooth Cats-ear Least Concern
Hypochaeris Hypochaeris radicata harry wild lettuce Least Concern
Ifloga Ifloga repens Witnaeldebossie Least Concern
Ifloga Ifloga verticillata Naaldbos Least Concern
Ilex Ilex mitis Cape Holly
Imperata Imperata arundinacea
Imperata Imperata cylindrica Sword grass, Beddinggras Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Indigofera Indigofera capillaris Least Concern
Indigofera Indigofera incana Least Concern
Indigofera Indigofera meyeriana Least Concern
Indigofera Indigofera psoraloides Endangered
Indigofera Indigofera racemosa Endangered
Ischyrolepis Ischyrolepis eleocharis Jakkalsstertriet Least Concern
Isoetes Isoetes capensis Cape Quillwort Endangered
Isoetes Isoetes stellenbossiensis Near Threatened
Isolepis Isolepis antartica Biesie Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis bulbifera Extinct
Isolepis Isolepis cernua var. cernua Leshomokxoane Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis hystrix Wet sites Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis levynsiana Extinct
Isolepis Isolepis marginata Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis prolifera Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis rubicunda Least Concern
Ixia Ixia dubia
Ixia Ixia maculata var maculata Near Threatened
Ixia Ixia monadelpha Bontkalossie Pot plant Wet sites Endangered
Ixia Ixia paniculata Pypkalossie Wet sites Least Concern
Ixia Ixia scillaris Agretjie Near Threatened
Jordaaniella Jordaaniella dubia Least Concern
Juncus Juncus bufonius
Juncus Juncus capensis Wet sites Least Concern
Juncus Juncus cephalotes Least Concern
Juncus Juncus drageanus Least Concern
Juncus Juncus dregeanus subsp. dregeanus Biesie Least Concern
Juncus Juncus effusus Least Concern
Juncus Juncus krausii Dune Slack Rush, Incema Least Concern
Juncus Juncus kraussii Hochst. subsp. kraussii Wet sites
Juncus Juncus kraussii subsp. kraussii Matting Rush Least Concern
Juncus Juncus oxycarpus Least Concern
Juncus Juncus punctorius Biesie Least Concern
Juncus Juncus scabriusculus Least Concern
Kalanchoe Kalanchoe rotundifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Kedrostis Kedrostis nana var. nana Porcupine potato, Ystervarkpatats Least Concern
Kiggelaria Kiggelaria africana Wild peach, umKokoko , wildeperske Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Klattia Klattia flava Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Klattia Klattia stokoei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Kniphofia Kniphofia citrina Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Kniphofia Kniphofia praecox Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Kniphofia Kniphofia sarmentosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Kniphofia Kniphofia tabularis Red Hot Poker Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Kniphofia Kniphofia uvaria Red Hot Poker, vuurpyl Nectar-rich (sunbird) Wet sites Least Concern
Knowltonia Knowltonia capensis Blistering leaves, Brandblare Least Concern
Knowltonia Knowltonia tenuifolia Least Concern
Knowltonia Knowltonia vesicatoria Blisterleaf, Brandblaar Least Concern
Koeleria Koeleria capensis
Lachenalia Lachenalia aloides Opal flower Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia arbuthnotiae Critically Endangered
Lachenalia Lachenalia bulbifera red lachenalia, rooinaeltjie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Pot plant Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia contaminata Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia fistulosa
Lachenalia Lachenalia mediana var. mediana Vulnerable
Lachenalia Lachenalia orchioides Groenviooltjie Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia orchioides glaucina Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia orchioides orchioides Wild hyacinth, Groenviooltjie Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia reflexa Yellow soldier Nectar-rich (sunbird) Vulnerable
Lachenalia Lachenalia rubida Sandkalossie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia rubida var. punctata Bergnaeltjie, Rooi Viooltjie Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia unifolia Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia variegata Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia viridiflora Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Lachnaea Lachnaea grandiflora Least Concern
Lampranthus Lampranthus amoenus
Lampranthus Lampranthus aurantiacus Ice Plant Bush Pot plant Least Concern
Lampranthus Lampranthus bicolor Bicoloured lampranthus, Bont vygie Pot plant
Lampranthus Lampranthus calcaratus Pot plant Data Deficient
Lampranthus Lampranthus emarginatus Pot plant Least Concern
Lampranthus Lampranthus explanatus Near Threatened
Lampranthus Lampranthus filicaulis Pot plant Vulnerable
Lampranthus Lampranthus glaucus Yellow noon flower Pot plant Vulnerable
Lampranthus Lampranthus multiseriatus Least Concern
Lampranthus Lampranthus reptans Creeping Brightfig Pot plant Near Threatened
Lampranthus Lampranthus spectabilis
Lampranthus Lampranthus stenus Pot plant Endangered
Lampranthus Lampranthus tegens mat-lampranthus , matvygie Pot plant Data Deficient
Laurembergia Laurembergia repens Wet sites Least Concern
Lavandula Lavandula Lavender Least Concern
Lebeckia Lebeckia plukenetiana Endangered
Lemna Lemna gibba Least Concern
Leonotis Leonotis leonurus Lion's Tail, Utywala Bengcungcu, Leeuwstert Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Leonotis Leonotis ocymifolia Minaret Flower , umfincane, Klipdagga Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use
Lepidium Lepidium africanum Least Concern
Lessertia Lessertia argentea Stranderjiebos Endangered
Lessertia Lessertia capensis Harslagbossie Least Concern
Lessertia Lessertia excisa Least Concern
Lessertia Lessertia frutescens Cancer bush, Umnwele, Kankerbos Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Lessertia Lessertia fruticosa Least Concern
Lessertia Lessertia tomentosa Eendtjies Near Threatened
Leucadendron Leucadendron argenteum Silver tree, witteboom Bird friendly Endangered
Leucadendron Leucadendron coniferum Dune Conebush, Duin-geelbos Vulnerable
Leucadendron Leucadendron floridum Flats Conebush, Tolbos Wet sites Critically Endangered
Leucadendron Leucadendron levisanus Pot plant Wet sites Critically Endangered
Leucadendron Leucadendron salignum Common Sunshine Conebush, Geelbos Pot plant Least Concern
Leucospermum Leucospermum catheinae Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum conocarpodendron Grey tree pincushion, Vaalkreupelhout Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Vulnerable
Leucospermum Leucospermum conocarpodendron subsp. viridum Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Leucospermum Leucospermum cordatum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum cordifolium Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Leucospermum Leucospermum cuneiforme Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum erubescens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum formosum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum fulgens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum glabrum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum gracile Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum grandiflorum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum gueinzii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum heterophyllum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron Slangbossie Vulnerable
Leucospermum Leucospermum lineare Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum muirii Albertinia pincushion, bloukoolhout Nectar-rich (sunbird) Endangered
Leucospermum Leucospermum muirii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum mundii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum oleifolium Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum parile Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum pattersonii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum pedunculatum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum pluridens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum praecox Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum praemorsum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum profugum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum prostratum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum reflexum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum rodolentum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum royenifolium Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum saxatile Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum spathulatum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum tomentosum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum tottum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum truncatulum Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Leucospermum Leucospermum utriculosum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum vestitum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum winteri Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leucospermum Leucospermum wittebergense Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Leysera Leysera gnaphalodes Yellow daisy tea, Teebos Least Concern
Lichtensteinia Lichtensteinia lacera Least Concern
Lichtensteinia Lichtensteinia obscura Least Concern
Ligustrum Ligustrum japonicum Japanese privet
Limeum Limeum africanum Least Concern
Limonium Limonium equisetinum Least Concern
Limonium Limonium scabrum Sea Lavender Least Concern
Linum Linum africanum Cape flax Least Concern
Linum Linum thesioides Least Concern
Liparia Liparia splendens Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Lobelia Lobelia anceps Angled lobelia Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia erinus Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia quadrisepala Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia setacea Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia sonderiana Least Concern
Lobostemon Lobostemon argenteus Agtdaegeneesbos Least Concern
Lobostemon Lobostemon fruticosus Pajama bush Least Concern
Lobostemon Lobostemon glaucophyllus Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Lolium Lolium temulentum Darnel ryegrass Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis involucrata Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis involucrata peduncularis Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis oxyptera Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis parviflora Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis perplexa Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis prostrata Near Threatened
Lotononis Lotononis umbellata Least Concern
Ludwigia Ludwigia adscendens subsp. diffusa African Willowherb, Wilgerkruid Least Concern
Lycium Lycium afrum Kraal honeythorn, kraaldoring Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Lycium Lycium ferocissimum Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Lyperia Lyperia antirrhinoides Least Concern
Lyperia Lyperia lychnidea Widow's Phlox, Traanblommetjies Least Concern
Lyperia Lyperia tristis Aandblom Least Concern
Lyperiatristis Lyperiatristis Endangered
Manulea Manulea rubra Least Concern
Manulea Manulea tomentosa Woolly manulea, Duine vingertjies Least Concern
Mariscus Mariscus thunbergii Least Concern
Massonia Massonia depressa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Massonia Massonia pustulata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Maurocenia Maurocenia frangula Hottentot’s Cherry, Aasvoelbessie Least Concern
Maurocenia Maurocenia frangularia Hottentot’s Cherry
Maytenus Maytenus acuminata Sybas Silky Bark
Maytenus Maytenus oleoides Rock False Candlewood
Medicago Medicago polymorpha polymorpha Least Concern
Melasphaerula Melasphaerula graminea Fairy bells, Feeklokkie Least Concern
Melianthus Melianthus elongatus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Melianthus Melianthus major Touch-me-not, Ubuhlungubemamba, Kruidjie-roer-my-nie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Melica Melica racemosa Melic Grass, haakgras Least Concern
Melolobium Melolobium aethiopicum Least Concern
Merxmuellera Merxmuellera cincta
Metalasia Metalasia densa Least Concern
Metalasia Metalasia muricata White Bristle Bush, Blombos Medicinal use Least Concern
Micranthus Micranthus alopecuroides Least Concern
Micranthus Micranthus junceus Least Concern
Micranthus Micranthus tubulosus Least Concern
Microloma Microloma sagittatum Bokhoring Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Microloma Microloma tenuifolium Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes arboreus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes argenteus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes capitulatus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes cucullatus Red pagoda, Rooistompie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Least Concern
Mimetes Mimetes fimbrifolius Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes fimbriifolius Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes hirtus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes hottentoticus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes palustris Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes pauciflorus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes saxatilis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes splendidus Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Mimetes Mimetes stokoei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Monopsis Monopsis debilis Least Concern
Monopsis Monopsis lutea Least Concern
Monopsis Monopsis simplex Least Concern
Montinia Montinia caryophyllacea Wild Clove Bush Least Concern
Moraea Moraea angusta Least Concern
Moraea Moraea aristata Blue - eyed Moraea, Bouooguintjie Pot plant Critically Endangered
Moraea Moraea bellendenii Patrysuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea bulbifera Giant Iris, Vleiuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea cf. fugax Soetuintjie / Klipuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea cf. virgata subsp. virgata Pypievolstruisuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea ciliata Growweuntjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea collina Cape Tulip, Aasuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea elsiae Sticky Sand Tulip Near Threatened
Moraea Moraea flaccida One-leaf Cape Tulip, Groottulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea fugacissima Lunch Clockflower Wet sites Least Concern
Moraea Moraea fugax Soetuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea fugax subsp. filicaulis Threadstalk Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea galaxia Least Concern
Moraea Moraea gawleri Crisp Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea lewisiae Ostrich Threadstar, Soetuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea lewisiae subsp lewisiae Ostrich Bulb, Volstruisuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea lugubris Crown Tulp, Kersblakertjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea miniata Two-leaved Cape Tulip, Geeltulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea miniata Andrews Poison Bulb, Geeltulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea ochroleuca Apricot Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea papilionacea Hairy Iris Least Concern
Moraea Moraea ramosissima Giant Iris, Vleiuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea setifolia Paper Glasstulp, Bokuintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea tripetala Blue Tulp, Blou-uintjie Least Concern
Moraea Moraea vegeta Least Concern
Moraea Moraea viscaria Trailing Tulp, Taai-uintjie Least Concern
Morella Morella cordifolia Least Concern
Morella Morella quercifolia Oak-leafed waxberry, Maagpynbossie Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Morella Morella serrata Lance-leaf waxberry, Isibhara, Smalblaarwasbessie Wet sites Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia demissa Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia ericoides Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia filiformis Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia heisteria Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia macropetala Harv. Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia mitior Cape Flats tybos Endangered
Muraltia Muraltia satureioides Sand Purplegorse, Skilpadbossie Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia spinosa Tortoise berry, Skilpadbessie, cargoe Least Concern
Myrsine Myrsine africana Cape Myrtle, Vlieëbos Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Nemesia Nemesia affinis Benth.
Nemesia Nemesia barbata Bearded nemesia, Bloubekkie Least Concern
Nemesia Nemesia parviflora Least Concern
Nemesia Nemesia psammophila Leeubekkie / Weeskindertjies Least Concern
Nemesia Nemesia versicolor Kappieblommetjie Least Concern
Nenax Nenax acerosa Gaertn. Least Concern
Nenax Nenax hirta Least Concern
Nerine Nerine humilis
Nidorella Nidorella foetida Stink Vleiweed Least Concern
Nidorella Nidorella ivifolia Bakbesembossie Least Concern
Nidorella Nidorella pinnatifida Least Concern
Noltea Noltea africana Soap bush, Seepbos, iphalode Least Concern
Notobubon Notobubon galbanum Blister bush, Bergseldery Least Concern
Nylandtia Nylandtia spinosa Least Concern
Nymphaea Nymphaea capensis Cape blue waterlily, Ikhubalo Lechanti, Blouwaterlelie Wet sites Least Concern
Ochna Ochna serrulata Mickey-mouse bush, iliTye, Fynblaarrooihout Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant
Ocotea Ocotea bullata Stinkwood
Oedera Oedera genistifolia Kleinperdekaroo Least Concern
Olea Olea capensis subsp. macrocarpa Ironwood
Olea Olea europaea cuspidata Wild Olive, umnquma, Olienhout Least Concern
Olea Olea europaea subsp. africana Wild Olive Least Concern
Olea Olea europaea subspescies africana Least Concern
Olea Olea exasperata Dune Olive, Slanghout Least Concern
Olinia Olinia ventosa Hard Pear
Oncosiphon Oncosiphon suffruticosum Stinkkruidbossie Least Concern
Onixotis Onixotis punctata
Orbea Orbea variegata Carrion flower, Aasblom Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum dregeanum Wet sites Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum dubium yellow chincherinchee, itsweletswele lasethafeni , geeltjienkerientjee Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum fragrans Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum graminifolium Metsana-a-manyenyane Wet sites Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum hispidum bergii Growwetjienk Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum juncifolium Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum pilosum Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum suaveolens Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum thyrsoides Chincherinchee, Gewonetjienkerientjiee Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Ornithoglossum Ornithoglossum viride Eendjies Least Concern
Orphium Orphium frutescens Least Concern
Osmitopsis Osmitopsis asteriscoides Swamp daisy, Belsbossie Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum clandestinum Trekkertjie Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum incanum Grysbietou Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum moniliferum Tickberry, Bosluisessie Medicinal use Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum moniliferum Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum monstrosum Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum spinosum Least Concern
Otholobium Otholobium bracteolatum Cape Town pea Pot plant Rare
Otholobium Otholobium fruticans Cape Town Pea
Otholobium Otholobium hirtum Least Concern
Otholobium Otholobium uncinatum Near Threatened
Otholobium Otholobium virgatum Carpet pea, Agtdaegeneesbossie Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Othonna Othonna arborescens
Othonna Othonna coronopifolia Haarpuis, Sandbobbejaankool Least Concern
Othonna Othonna perfoliata Bobbejaankool; bobbejaankoolklimop Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis argyrophylla Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis bifida Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis caprina Goat's foot Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis compressa Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis corniculata Creeping Sorrel, Muncwane Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis eckloniana Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis eckloniana var. sonderi Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis flava Vingersuring Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis glabra Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis hirta Hairy sorrel Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis incarnata Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis lanata Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis livida Knolsuring Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis livida var. altior Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis luteola Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis minuta Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis monophylla Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis nidulans var. denticulata Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis obtusa Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis pes-caprae Bermuda-buttercup Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis pes+AC0-caprae Bermuda Buttercup, Geelsuring Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis polyphylla Fingered Sorrel, Fingersorrel Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis punctata Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis purpurea Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis pusilla Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis tomentosa Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis versicolor Least Concern
Panicum Panicum repens Creeping panic grass, Varkgras Least Concern
Passerina Passerina corymbosa Least Concern
Passerina Passerina corymbosa, Common gonna bush , Gonnabos Least Concern
Passerina Passerina filiformis Bakkerbos Least Concern
Passerina Passerina paleacea Gonnabas Least Concern
Passerina Passerina paludosa Cape Flats gonnabos Endangered
Passerina Passerina rigida Seekoppiesgonna Least Concern
Pauridia Pauridia aquatica Watersterretjie Least Concern
Pauridia Pauridia capensis Least Concern
Pauridia Pauridia minuta Least Concern
Pauridia Pauridia serrata serrata Autumn Golden Star Least Concern
Pelagornium Pelagornium fulgidum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Pelargonium Pelargonium alchemilloides Pink trailing pelargonium, Wildemalva Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium anethifolium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium auritum auritum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium auritum var. auritum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium betulinum Camphor-scented pelargonium, (related to iKhubalo and Inkubele), Maagpynbossie Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium candicans Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium capitatum Rose-scented pelargonium, Kusmalva Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium chamaedryfolium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium citronellum Lemon-scented pelargonium, malva Medicinal use
Pelargonium Pelargonium columbinum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium crispum lemon-scented pelargonium Pot plant Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium cuculatum subsp. cuculatum Hooded Crane’s Bill, Wildemalva Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium cucullatum Hooded-leaf pelargonium, Wildemalva Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant
Pelargonium Pelargonium cucullatum subsp. tabulare
Pelargonium Pelargonium cucullatum tabulare Hooded-leaf pelargonium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium elongatum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium fulgidum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Pelargonium Pelargonium graveolens Rose-scented pelargonium, wildemalva Medicinal use
Pelargonium Pelargonium grossularioides Gooseberry-leaved pelargonium, Rooirabas Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium hirtum Hairy pelargonium Near Threatened
Pelargonium Pelargonium lobatum Vine-leaved pelargonium, Aandblom Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium longifolium Bearded pelargonium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium multicaule Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium multiradiatum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium myrrhifolium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium myrrhifolium var. myrrhifolium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium mysteriata Myserious pelargonium
Pelargonium Pelargonium ovale Pot plant Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium pillansii Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium pinnatum Pinnated pelargonium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium proliferum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium rapaceum Mountain potato, Bergpatat, !norra Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium senecioides Rooikanol / Spinnekopblom Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium tabulare Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium triste Night-scented pelargonium, Kaneeltjie Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Pennisetum Pennisetum clandestinum Kikuyu grass, Kikoejoegras
Pennisetum Pennisetum macrourum African Fountain Grass, Snyruigte Least Concern
Pentameris Pentameris airoides Least Concern
Pentameris Pentameris airoides subsp. airoides
Pentameris Pentameris aspera Near Threatened
Pentameris Pentameris barbata subsp. barbata (Pentaschistis barbata) Least Concern
Pentameris Pentameris pallida Least Concern
Pentameris Pentameris tortuosa Haasgras; duinegras Least Concern
Pentaschistis Pentaschistis pallida Least Concern
Persicaria Persicaria decipiens Least Concern
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum elongatum
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum incanum
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum lanatum Least Concern
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum lineare
Phragmites Phragmites australis
Phylica Phylica ericoides heath phylica, ericoid phylica, hardebos Least Concern
Phylica Phylica imberbis Hardebos Least Concern
Phylica Phylica plumosa Featherhead, veerkoppie Least Concern
Phyllobolus Phyllobolus canaliculatus Least Concern
Phyllopodium Phyllopodium cordatum Least Concern
Plantago Plantago crassifolia var. crassifolia Least Concern
Plantago Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain Least Concern
Platycaulos Platycaulos c.f. compressus Least Concern
Platylophus Platylophus trifoliatus white-alder, witelsboom Bird friendly Least Concern
Plecostachys Plecostachys serpyllifolia Least Concern
Plectranthus Plectranthus neochilus Lobster bush, Rotstuinsalie
Podalyria Podalyria calyptrata Least Concern
Podalyria Podalyria montana Least Concern
Podalyria Podalyria sericea Silver sweet pea bush, Silwer keurtjie Vulnerable
Podocarpus Podocarpus latifolius Yellow wood
Polycarena Polycarena cephalophora Least Concern
Polygala Polygala bracteolata Butterfly Bush, Skaapertjie Least Concern
Polygala Polygala garcinii Least Concern
Polygala Polygala myrtifolia
Polygala Polygala scabra Least Concern
Polygonum Polygonum undulatum Least Concern
Polypogon Polypogon strictus Least Concern
Portulacaria Portulacaria afra Elephants Food, iGqwanitsha, Spekboom Medicinal use Least Concern
Portulacaria Portulacaria afra Spekboom, Spekboom
Potamogeton Potamogeton pectinatus Fennel-leafed Pondweed Least Concern
Potamogeton Potamogeton pusillus Narrow-leaved Pondweed Least Concern
Prionium Prionium serratum palmiet, iNtsikane, wildepalmiet Wet sites Least Concern
Prismatocarpus Prismatocarpus sessilis Least Concern
Protea Protea acuminata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea aristata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea aurea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea burchellii Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Vulnerable
Protea Protea canaliculata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea compacta Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Protea Protea coronata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea cynaroides King Protea, Grootsuikerkan Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant Least Concern
Protea Protea denticulata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea effusa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea eximia Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Protea Protea foliosa Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea glabra Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea grandiceps Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea holosericea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea inopina Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea lacticolor Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea lanceolata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea laurifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea lepidocarpodendron Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Protea Protea longifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird) Vulnerable
Protea Protea lorifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea magnifica Queen protea, Wolbaardsuikerbos Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Protea Protea mucronifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea mundii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea nana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea neriifolia Oleander-leaf protea, Baardsuikerbos Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Protea Protea nitida Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea obtusifolia Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Protea Protea odorata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea pendula Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea pityphylla Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea punctata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea recondita Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea repens Sugarbush, Isiquane, Bierbos Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Protea Protea rupicola Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea scolymocephala thistle protea, thistle sugarbush, small green protea, scoly, kleingroenroos, witskollie Vulnerable
Protea Protea speciosa Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Protea Protea stokoei Nectar-rich (sunbird) Endangered
Protea Protea subvestita Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea sulphurea Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Protea Protea susannae Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Protea Protea witzenbergiana Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Prunus Prunus africana red stinkwood, African almond, uMkakase, Inyazangoma, rooistinkhout, Afrika-amandel Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Vulnerable
Pseudognaphalium Pseudognaphalium undulatum Least Concern
Pseudoselago Pseudoselago serrata Saw-tooth powderpuff, Blouaarbossie Least Concern
Pseudoselago Pseudoselago spuria Powderpuff Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea alata Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea aphylla Leafless Fountain-bush, Bloukeurboom Wet sites Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea ensifolia Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea glaucina Muizenberg Fountainbush, Bloutee Critically Endangered
Psoralea Psoralea imbricata Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea laxa Wet sites Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea pinnata Fountain bush, Umhlonishwa, Fonteinbos Wet sites Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea pinnata var. pinnata Fountain Bush, Bloukeur Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea repens Near Threatened
Psoralea Psoralea restioides Fine Fountainbush Wet sites Least Concern
Pteridium Pteridium aquilinum Least Concern
Pterocelastrus Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus Candlewood Least Concern
Pteronia Pteronia hirsuta Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium alatum Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium bicolorum Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium catholicum Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium crispum Moederkappie / Oumakappie Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium orobanchoides Bastertrewwa Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium volucris Least Concern
Putterlickia Putterlickia pyracantha False spikethorn Least Concern
Pycreus Pycreus mundii Least Concern
Pycreus Pycreus nitidus Waterbiesie Least Concern
Pycreus Pycreus polystachyos Wet sites Least Concern
Pycreus Pycreus polystachyos var. polystachyos Least Concern
Ranunculus Ranunculus multifidus Common buttercup, Botterblom Wet sites Least Concern
Rapanea Rapanea melanophloeos Cape Beech
Restio Restio capensis Horsetail restio, Besemriet Least Concern
Restio Restio eleocharis Katstertriet Least Concern
Restio Restio multiflorus Least Concern
Restio Restio paniculatus Broom Anglereed, Besemgoed Wet sites Least Concern
Restio Restio sabulosus Endangered
Restio Restio triflora Least Concern
Retzia Retzia capensis Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Rhynchosia Rhynchosia ferulifolia Least Concern
Robsonodendron Robsonodendron maritima Coastal Silky Bark
Roella Roella ciliata Least Concern
Roella Roella prostrata Least Concern
Roepera Roepera sessilifolia Twinleaf, Witspekbos Least Concern
Romulea Romulea bulbifera Least Concern
Romulea Romulea bulbocoides Least Concern
Romulea Romulea cf. grandiflora subsp. fimbriata Near Threatened
Romulea Romulea cruciata Froetang Least Concern
Romulea Romulea flava Least Concern
Romulea Romulea flava flava Least Concern
Romulea Romulea hirsuta Least Concern
Romulea Romulea minutiflora Kleinknikker, Froetang Least Concern
Romulea Romulea obscura Least Concern
Romulea Romulea rosea Least Concern
Romulea Romulea rosea australis Perdefroetang Least Concern
Romulea Romulea sparaxis Least Concern
Romulea Romulea tabularis Least Concern
Rumex Rumex cordatus Maksuring Least Concern
Rumex Rumex lativalvis Meisn.
Ruppia Ruppia maritima Beaked Tasselweed Least Concern
Ruschia Ruschia geminiflora Vulnerable
Ruschia Ruschia macowanii Sea Tentfig Least Concern
Ruschia Ruschia macowanii (L.Bolus) Schwantes Beach tentfig Least Concern
Ruschia Ruschia rubricaulis Redstem tentfig Pot plant Vulnerable
Salix Salix hirsuta Cape Willow
Salix Salix mucronata subsp. hirsuta Silver Willow, Silwer-wilger Wet sites Least Concern
Saltera Saltera sarcocolla Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Salvia Salvia africana Blue sage Least Concern
Salvia Salvia africana-caerulea Blue sage, Blousalie Medicinal use Near Threatened
Salvia Salvia africana-lutea Brown Sage, Bruinsalie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Salvia Salvia aurea Golden Sage Least Concern
Salvia Salvia aurea L. golden sage,beach sage, dune sage, sand sage Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Salvia Salvia lanceolata Rusty sage, Rooisalie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Salvia Salvia thermarum Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Samolus Samolus porosus Water pimpernel Least Concern
Samolus Samolus valerandi Seaside Brookweed Least Concern
Sarcocornia Sarcocornia capensis Least Concern
Sarcocornia Sarcocornia cf. capensis Least Concern
Sarcocornia Sarcocornia littorea Coral bush, Koraalbos Least Concern
Sarcocornia Sarcocornia natalensis Seekoraal Least Concern
Satyrium Satyrium bicorne Least Concern
Satyrium Satyrium carneum Nectar-rich (sunbird) Near Threatened
Satyrium Satyrium coriifolium Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Satyrium Satyrium odorum Least Concern
Scabiosa Scabiosa columbaria Wild Scabious, Bitterbos, esikhulu Least Concern
Schoenoplectus Schoenoplectus litoralis Steekbiesie Least Concern
Schoenoplectus Schoenoplectus scirpioides Papgras, Steekbiesie Least Concern
Schoenus Schoenus nigricans Least Concern
Scirpoides Scirpoides thubergii Least Concern
Searsia Searsia laevigata Dune Currant-bush
Searsia Searsia lucida Waxy Currant Bush
Searsia Searsia angustifolia Least Concern
Searsia Searsia chirindensis Red currant, Bos-taaibos, inhlokoshiyane enkulu Least Concern
Searsia Searsia crenata Dune crow-berry, duinekraaibessie Least Concern
Searsia Searsia glauca Least Concern
Searsia Searsia laevigata Least Concern
Searsia Searsia laevigata var. laevigata Common Dune Currantrhus Least Concern
Searsia Searsia laevigata var. villosa
Searsia Searsia lucida Least Concern
Searsia Searsia rosmarinifolia Roosmaryntaaibos Least Concern
Searsia Searsia tomentosa Least Concern
Sebaea Sebaea ambigua Least Concern
Sebaea Sebaea aurea Least Concern
Sebaea Sebaea exacoides Painted Yellowwort, naeltjiesblom Least Concern
Sebaea Sebaea minutiflora Least Concern
Selago Selago corymbosa Poverty Bushe, Bitterblombos Least Concern
Selago Selago fruticosa Least Concern
Selago Selago levynsiae Least Concern
Selago Selago ramosissima Endangered
Senecio Senecio abruptus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio arenarius Hongerblom Least Concern
Senecio Senecio burchellii Least Concern
Senecio Senecio elegans Least Concern
Senecio Senecio halimifolius Least Concern
Senecio Senecio hastatus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio littoreus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio maritimus Beach senecio, Strandhongerblom Least Concern
Senecio Senecio pinifolius Least Concern
Senecio Senecio pterophorus Perdegifbos Least Concern
Senecio Senecio pubigerus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio purpureus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio rigidus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio subcanescens Least Concern
Senecio Senecio talinoides subs. aizoides
Senecio Senecio tamoides Canary Creeper Least Concern
Seriphium Seriphium plumosum Kooigoed, Kooigoed, Slangbos Medicinal use Least Concern
Serruria Serruria glomerata Cluster Spiderhead, Spinnekopbossie Vulnerable
Sideroxylon Sideroxylon inerme White Milkwood, Ximafana, wit-melkhout Medicinal use
Sideroxylon Sideroxylon inerme subsp. inerme White Milkwood, Witmelkhout,umQwashu Least Concern
Silene Silene burchellii pilosellifolia Least Concern
Silene Silene burchellii var. angustifolia Not Evaluated
Silene Silene undulata dream root, kleinwildetabak, unozitholana Medicinal use Least Concern
Silene Silene undulata subsp. undulata Gunpowder Plant (Silene bellidioides) Least Concern
Solanum Solanum africanum Dronkbessie Least Concern
Solanum Solanum guineense Sea Knightshade Least Concern
Solanum Solanum linnaeanum Bitter Apple Least Concern
Solanum Solanum tomentosum Slangappelbos Least Concern
Sonchus Sonchus dregeanus Sowthistle Least Concern
Sparaxis Sparaxis bulbifera Wet sites Least Concern
Sparaxis Sparaxis grandiflora Least Concern
Sparaxis Sparaxis grandiflora fimbriata Fringe Grand Satinflower Near Threatened
Sparaxis Sparaxis grandiflora subsp. fimbriata Fringe Grand Satinflower Near Threatened
Spiloxene Spiloxene alba White Capestar, Vleiblommetjie Wet sites Vulnerable
Spiloxene Spiloxene aquatica Water Capestar, Sterretjie Wet sites Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene canaliculata Browneye Capestar, Geelpoublom Endangered
Spiloxene Spiloxene capensis Peacock Flower, Poublommetjie Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene minuta Pygmy Capestar Endangered
Spiloxene Spiloxene ovata Wet sites Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene schlechteri Wet sites Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene serrata Least Concern
Sporobolus Sporobolus virginicus Buffalo grass / Buffelsgras Least Concern
Sporobolus Sporobolus africanus
Sporobolus Sporobolus capensis
Staberoha Staberoha cernua
Staberoha Staberoha cf. cernua Least Concern
Staberoha Staberoha cf. distachyos Cape grass
Stachys Stachys aethiopica Wild Sage, Katpisbossoe Least Concern
Steirodiscus Steirodiscus tagetes Vulnerable
Stenotaphrum Stenotaphrum secundatum
Stentotaphrum Stentotaphrum familiatum
Stentotaphrum Stentotaphrum secundatum
Stipagrostis Stipagrostis zeyheri Blinkaargras Least Concern
Stipagrostis Stipagrostis zeyhri Blinkaargras Least Concern
Stoebe Stoebe alopecuroides Katstert slangbos Least Concern
Stoebe Stoebe capitata Least Concern
Stoebe Stoebe cinereum Vaal Hartebeeskaroo Least Concern
Stoebe Stoebe fusca Least Concern
Stoebe Stoebe plumosa Silver stoebe, Slangbos Least Concern
Strumaria Strumaria tenella subsp. tenella Least Concern
Struthiola Struthiola ciliata Rope Capespray, Stroopbossie Least Concern
Struthiola Struthiola dodecandra Least Concern
Struthiola Struthiola striata Roemenaggie, Katstertjie Least Concern
Sutera Sutera tristis Drumsticks, Aandblom Least Concern
Taraxacum Taraxacum officinale Dandelion Least Concern
Tarchonanthus Tarchonanthus camphoratus Camphor bush, Mathola, Kanferboom, Kleinvaalbos, Olienbos Medicinal use Least Concern
Tarchonanthus Tarchonanthus littoralis Camphor Bush
Tecoma Tecoma capensis Cape honeysuckle Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Tecomaria Tecomaria capensis Kaapse kanferfoelie, Umsilingi Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Tenaxia Tenaxia stricta
Tephrosia Tephrosia capensis Least Concern
Tetragonia Tetragonia decumbens Dune spinach Least Concern
Tetragonia Tetragonia fruticosa Churl bush, Kinkelbossie Least Concern
Tetragonia Tetragonia herbacea Least Concern
Tetragonia Tetragonia microptera Tintelbos; Klapperbrak Least Concern
Tetraria Tetraria brachyphylla Least Concern
Tetraria Tetraria compacta Least Concern
Tetraria Tetraria cuspidata
Tetraria Tetraria sp. Least Concern
Thamnochortus Thamnochortus insignis Olifantsriet / Dekriet Least Concern
Thamnochortus Thamnochortus erectus Wyfieriet Least Concern
Thamnochortus Thamnochortus punctatus Pillans
Thamnochortus Thamnochortus spicigerus Large thatching reed, Duineriet Least Concern
Themeda Themeda triandra
Themeda Themeda triandra Forssk.
Thesium Thesium aggregatum Least Concern
Thesium Thesium frisea Least Concern
Thesium Thesium funale Least Concern
Thesium Thesium spicatum Least Concern
Thesium Thesium strictum Bokbos, Tieringbos Least Concern
Thinopyrum Thinopyrum distichum Sea Wheat Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra brachypoda Short Capespinach Wet sites Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra chlamydophylla Vulnerable
Trachyandra Trachyandra ciliata Wild Asparagus, Veldkool Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra divaricata Sandkool Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra filiformis Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra flexifolia Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra hirsutiflora Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra hispida Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra muricata
Trachyandra Trachyandra revoluta Least Concern
Trianoptiles Trianoptiles capensis Least Concern
Trianoptiles Trianoptiles solitaria Critically Endangered
Tribolium Tribolium ciliare Vulnerable
Tribolium Tribolium echinatum Least Concern
Tribolium Tribolium hispidum Least Concern
Tribolium Tribolium uniolae Least Concern
Tribulus Tribulus terrestris Devil’s Thorn, Dubbeltjiedoring Least Concern
Tridactyle Tridactyle bicaudata Least Concern
Triglochin Triglochin bulbosa Wet sites Least Concern
Triglochin Triglochin bulbosa subsp. bulbosa Bulb Arrowgrass Least Concern
Triglochin Triglochin striata Streaked Arrow-grass Wet sites Least Concern
Tripteris Tripteris clandestina Less. Least Concern
Tritoniopsis Tritoniopsis antholyza Karkarblom Least Concern
Tritoniopsis Tritoniopsis triticea Mountain pipes, Rooibergpypie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant
Troglophyton Troglophyton parvulum Least Concern
Tulbaghia Tulbaghia alliacea Least Concern
Tulbaghia Tulbaghia capensis Wild garlic, Wildeknoffel Medicinal use
Tulbaghia Tulbaghia violacea Society garlic, Wildeknoffel Medicinal use
Tylecodon Tylecodon grandiflorus Least Concern
Tylecodon Tylecodon paniculatus Nectar-rich (sunbird) Pot plant
Typha Typha capensis Bulrush, Ingcongolo, Matjiesriet Bird friendly Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia anthemoides Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia anthemoides subsp. anthemoides Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia dentata Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia paleacea Least Concern
Urtica Urtica urens Small nettle, Bosbrandnetel Least Concern
Utricularia Utricularia bisquamata Least Concern
Utricularia Utricularia bisquamata Schrank
Vachellia Vachellia karroo Sweet thorn, umuNga, Soetdoring Medicinal use Least Concern
Vachellia Vachellia sieberiana var. woodii Paperbark acacia, Papierbasdoring Bird friendly Medicinal use
Vellereophyton Vellereophyton dealbatum Least Concern
Veltheimia Veltheimia bracteata Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Veltheimia Veltheimia capensis Sand lily Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Vepris Vepris lanceolata White Ironwood, umZane, witysterhout Medicinal use
Vicia Vicia lutea yellow vetch Least Concern
Virgilia Virgilia oroboides Keurboom Wet sites Least Concern
Viscum Viscum capense Cape Mistletoe, Voelent Least Concern
Wachendorfia Wachendorfia brachyandra Least Concern
Wachendorfia Wachendorfia paniculata Kofffiepit Least Concern
Wachendorfia Wachendorfia thyrsiflora Wet sites Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia adpressa Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia androsacea Hare-Bell Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia capensis Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia fruticosa Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia obovata Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia procumbens Wild Violet Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia subulata Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia tenella Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia aletroides Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia angusta Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia borbonica Pink watsonia, Kanolpypie Pot plant Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia fourcadei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia hysterantha Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia marginata Broad-leaf watsonia, Breëblaar kanolpypie Pot plant Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia meriana Bugle lily, Kanolpypie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Wet sites Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia meriana var. meriana Wet sites Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia pillansii Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia schlechteri Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia spectabilis Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia stokoei Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Watsonia Watsonia tabularis Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia zeyheri Nectar-rich (sunbird)
Widdringtonia Widdringtonia nodiflora Mountain Cypress
Willdenowia Willdenowia glomerata Least Concern
Willdenowia Willdenowia teres Least Concern
Wimmerella Wimmerella bifida Data Deficient
Wimmerella Wimmerella secunda Wet sites Least Concern
Witsenia Witsenia maura Bokmakierie's tail, waaiertjie Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Wet sites Least Concern
Wolffia Wolffia arhiza Eendekroos Least Concern
Wurmbea Wurmbea capensis Least Concern
Wurmbea Wurmbea spicata Least Concern
Zaluzianskya Zaluzianskya divaricata Least Concern
Zaluzianskya Zaluzianskya villosa Drumsticks Least Concern
Zantedeschia Zantedeschia aethiopica White arum lily, Intebe, Wit varkoor Bird friendly Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Zygophyllum Zygophyllum flexuosum Spekbroodbossie Least Concern
Zygophyllum Zygophyllum fulvum Spekbos Least Concern

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