Benefits of urban greening

Why do we focus on urban greening? There are many reasons why restoring nature in cities is beneficial. The list below outlines a number of benefits of urban greening that encourage us to work in this field:

  • Forming corridors or stepping stones connecting locally indigenous insects and animals to nature reserves and other places to feed and breed
  • Providing accessible medicinal plants to local residents
  • Taking pressure off nature reserves by providing medicinal plants to harvest in residential areas
  • Forming pollination corridors so that isolated plants are pollinated by near-by insects, birds, or wind-blown pollen
  • Developing an appreciation for the beauty of local plants
  • Developing local general knowledge of local indigenous plants and how to propagate and care for them
  • Locally indigenous plants that support natural beauty of the area indirectly supports tourism
  • Increased awareness and appreciation of the environment by a broader public
  • A way for us to positively contribute to building our own environment
  • Increased wellbeing as a result of physical and psychological health benefits of a healthy ecosystem
  • Interaction with people from the same neighbourhood to work towards a common goal: enhanced feeling of belonging and purpose
  • Opportunity for those often excluded to participate (e.g. the elderly, people with limited mobility)
  • A way for people to develop an appreciation for the politics of conservation
  • A means to connect with environmental history and forgotten heritage
  • Restoring original vegetation types to achieve functional urban ecosystems

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