Communitree is a non-profit organisation that depends on volunteers to make communitee greening a reality! We need YOUR help. How to help? There are many ways! 

Home Nurseries

Germinate seeds and grow plants from your home.

Seeds and Cuttings

Do you have a garden? Share seeds and cuttings with us!


We want to map all indigenous vegetation in city. Join us in our mapping efforts!

Gardening Activities

We frequently go out and clean up or plant in public spaces. Join us!

Site Identification

We are always looking for public spaces that can be greened. Do you know of an abandoned or empty space? Let us know!

Knowledge Sharing

Learn something while gardening that you would like to share? Sharing knowledge helps support beginner gardeners, and build an appreciation for the variety of ways of using and appreciating plants.


Help make our site more accessible and share knowledge with us that we have not yet included here.

Photography and Art

Share your photography of plants and gardens, and expressions of appreciation for nature with us.


Would you like to contribute other skills to Communitree? We are always looking for enthusiastic interns!

Communitree Newsletter

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Our sponsors

We thank our 2019 sponsors for their support in our work. If your company or organisation wants to help support Communitree, click here to get in touch.