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At Communitree we need YOUR help to green Cape Town. We aim to contribute to the greening of Cape Town by involving the community (that includes YOU!) to grow plants. Other volunteers have donated plants, seeds, or saplings, but we need your help to grow these into larger plants. You can help by setting up a home nursery for Communitree. And the good news is... we can give you everything you need! Here are the steps to follow:

1. Sign up for a home nursery at Communitree.

2. Think about the amount of space you have. Choose whether you want baby plants, a bag of seeds, cuttings or saplings.


3. Within 2-14 days (depending on our stock) you will receive the plant trays, seeds or saplings.

3. Nurture your baby plants or seeds according to the instructions that you receive

4. Take a photo every month of how your plants are doing

5. Within 2-6 months we will collect them from you and your baby plants will move on to the next phase, ready to green Cape Town!

Contact Information

How long can we count on your help? We can always extend or shorten but please give us an indication.

What can you take care of?

Think about the space and resources you have to dedicate to your home nursery. Then choose between:



Takes little water and space and can be grown inside in a spot with indirect light, but needs regular and constant attention

One batch of seeds (15-20) needs about a mug of water a day.

Would you like any of these?

You need:

Either a plastic seed tray or make your own using toilet rolls.


Offcuts for jars

Can be grown in a jar of water on a windowsill.

One batch includes 15 plants (10-15 plants fit in a jar).

Would you like any of these?

You need:

Glass jars at least 8 cm tall.


Offcuts for pots

Can be grown in a spot outside or inside in a pot with well-draining soil.

One batch includes 5 plants (it's best to have an individual pot for each plant). You will need about 2 litres of water per batch per week (you should use grey water or rainwater for this).

Would you like any of these?

You need:

Containers of any type measuring at least 7-10 cm in diameter. You can for instance make your own out of newspaper.
Requires well-draining soil (compost + sand mix, 2:1)

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