Knowledge sharing

Learning by doing is an exciting way of engaging with and growing to love and appreciate plants and nature. Please share any knowledge you develop, or already have, that might be useful for fellow gardeners. It can be practical, but also personal or cultural. What do gardens, herbs, flowers, nature mean to you? There is a variety of ways of enaging with and getting to know nature. Share YOUR favourite way with us. 

The knowledge about plants kept in written English is shaped by the history of medical science and the violent European history of witch hunts that separated the pratice of gardening and herbal medicines from rich cultural beliefs and practices. In Europe from about 1450 to 1750 the knowledge and practices of woman herbalists were literally tortured out of the European culture. In this process of becoming scientific, the variety of different cultural values of plants and gardening has been greatly reduced or erased. Later, the process of colonisation also suppressed and erased existing knowledges on plants, farming and traditional medicinal practices in southern Africa. Please send through any culture-specific knowledge about plants, practices and projects that you would like included to share with others in the Communitree community. The way that knowledge is stored and shared is important, so help us to do it right.

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