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Seeds and Cuttings

At Communitree we need YOUR help to green Cape Town. One of the things we need help with is building up our stock of baby plants / plant cuttings, and seeds. These form the basis for greening various parts of the city, and in the Communitree process, these plants are donated by volunteers who get them from their own garden or consenting neighbours. We believe that we should not be buying seedlings from nurseries, but that WE, the community, should work together to grow the plants that the city needs. Do you have any indigenous plants to share? Join us now!

The plants that we need are listed below. These are based on our greening strategy and we have listed the quantities that are currently requested by people in different communities to green their public and private spaces. If you have other species available but they are not on the list, be sure to contact us. Note: we strongly prefer indigenous species that help restore Cape Town's vegetation cover.

If you don't have these species yet but you would love to make some space available in your garden, on your balcony or on your window sill, then read more here about how to set up a home-nursery for Communitree!

Quantity Scientific Name Common Name Can you help?
2065 Lampranthus amoenus I have some!
1310 Lampranthus bicolor Bicoloured lampranthus I have some!
1000 Agapanthus africanus Cape agapanthus I have some!
814 Carpobrotus edulis Sour fig I have some!
731 Chasmanthe aethiopica Small cobra lily I have some!
690 Chasmanthe floribunda Cobra lily I have some!
520 Chasmanthe floribunda 'Duckittii' Yellow cobra lilly I have some!
490 Cotyledon orbiculata Pig's ear I have some!
440 Senecio talinoides subs. aizoides I have some!
243 Leonotis leonorus Wild dagga I have some!
220 Chasmanthe bicolor Red-and-green cobra lily I have some!
200 Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Buck Bay vygie I have some!
180 Plectranthus neochilus I have some!
178 Aloe arborescens Kranz aloe I have some!
152 Aloiampelos commixta Peninsula Rambling aloe I have some!
120 Felicia aethiopica Wild aster I have some!
100 Watsonia angusta I have some!
100 Bulbine frutescens Snake flower I have some!
100 Tecoma capensis Cape honeysuckle I have some!
78 Lachenalia aloides Opal flower I have some!
72 Aloe ferox Bitter aloe I have some!
55 Kniphofia tabularis Red Hot Poker I have some!
52 Agathosma apiculata Garlic buchu I have some!
50 Leucospermum gueinzii I have some!
50 Protea cynaroides I have some!
50 Aloe succotrina Fynbos Aloe I have some!
40 Gazania rigens var. uniflora Treasure flower I have some!
40 Crassula multicava Fairy crassula I have some!
38 Salvia africana lutea Brown Sage I have some!
36 Helichrysum patulum Honeyeverlasting I have some!
35 Haemanthus coccineus March flower I have some!
30 Zantedeschia aethiopica White arum lily I have some!
27 Kniphofia uvaria Red Hot Poker I have some!
26 Aloe plicatilis Fan aloe I have some!
21 Artemisia afra Wormwood I have some!
20 Salvia lanceolata I have some!
20 Erica verticilata I have some!
20 Dimorphotheca eckloni Cape marguerite I have some!
19 Lessertia frutescens Cancer bush I have some!
18 Protea repens Sugarbush I have some!
18 Pelargonium betulinum Camphor-scented pelargonium I have some!
18 Crassula ovata Kerky bush I have some!
17 Helichrysum petiolare Everlasting I have some!
15 Carissa macrocarpa Num-num I have some!
13 Brunsvigia orientalis Candelabra flower I have some!
10 Watsonia meriana I have some!
10 Melianthus major I have some!
10 Leucospermum oleifolium I have some!
10 Protea burchellii I have some!
10 Protea coronata I have some!
10 Protea nerifolia I have some!
10 Erica mammosa I have some!
10 Lycium afrum Kraal honeythorn I have some!
10 Dietes grandiflora Large wild iris I have some!
9 Eriocephalus africanus Wild rosemary I have some!
6 Microloma sagittatum Bokhoring I have some!
5 Tarchonanthus camphoratus Camphor bush I have some!
5 Buddleja saligna False olive I have some!
4 Buddleja salviifolia Sagewood I have some!
4 Vachellia karroo Sweet thorn I have some!
3 Osteospermum moniliferum Bush-tick berry I have some!
2 Coleonema album Cape may I have some!
1 Dodonaea angustifolia Sand olive I have some!
0 Euryops pectinatus Golden euryops I have some!

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