Changes at the project around the Rondebosch Common

Nov 16, 2018

Since early 2018, Communitree has been working with the Friends of the Rondebosch Common, in an effort to bring back indigenous vegetation to spaces directly surrounding this important reserve. Initially the plan was for Communitree to work on the middelmannetjies - the road verges in between the lanes that go around the Rondebosch Common. Furthermore, our work also included restoration of the vegetation on one of the traffic circles.

Throughout the year, Communitree has organised a number of activities with local residents, with volunteers from the Friends of the Rondebosch Common, with runners who engage in the park run, and with other people preoccupied with the conservation of this important remnant of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos. We added eight potential sites to our system and added three of these sites to our 2018 priority sites: Park Road Middelmannetjie, Silwood Triangle, and the Rondebosch Common Traffic Circle.

However, going forward it was decided that restoration of the middelmannetjies will be done by the Friends of the Rondebosch Common. Communitree will focus more on spaces further away from the Common. The Rondebosch Common is an important place within the stepping stone corridor that Communitree is working on, and we will continue to liaise with the involved stakeholders to ensure that we strengthen each other's efforts.

Volunteers who wish to contribute to the work done at and around the Common are recommended to reach out to the Friends of the Rondebosch Common. People wishing to contribute to Communitree's activities in the wider area can contact us or review the options in which they can volunteer.

We wish Friends of the Rondebosch Common all the best with the restoration project and look forward to seeing indigenous vegetation take over from the grasses around the Common!

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