Cape Flats Sand Fynbos


Distribution: Largely endemic to the City of Cape Town: Cape Flats from Blouberg and Koeberg Hills west of the Tygerberg Hills to Lakeside and Pelican Park in the south near False Bay, from Bellville and Durbanville to Klapmuts and Joostenberg Hill in the east, and to the southwest of the Bottelary Hills to Macassar and Firgrove in the south. Altitude 20–200 m. Nearly 100% of this vegetation type occurs within the City and 85% is transformed.

Vegetation & Landscape Features: Moderately undulating and flat plains, with dense, moderately tall, ericoid shrubland containing scattered emergent tall shrubs. Proteoid and restioid fynbos are dominant, with asteraceous and ericaceous fynbos occurring in drier and wetter areas, respectively.

Geology & Soils: Acid, tertiary, deep, grey regic sands, usually white, often Lamotte form.

Climate: Winter-rainfall regime with precipitation peaking from May to August. MAP 580–980 mm (mean: 575 mm). Mists occur frequently in winter. Mean daily maximum and minimum monthly temperatures 27.1°C and 7.3°C for February and July, respectively. Frost incidence about 3 days per year. This is the wettest and the coolest of the West Coast sand fynbos types.

Endemic Taxa: Low Shrubs: Erica margaritacea, Aspalathus variegata (probably extinct), Athanasia capitata, Cliffortia ericifolia, Erica pyramidalisW, E. turgida, E. verticillata, Leucadendron levisanus, Liparia graminifolia, Serruria aemula, S. foeniculacea, S. furcellata. Succulent Shrub: Lampranthus stenus. Geophytic Herb: Ixia versicolor. Graminoids: Tetraria variabilis, Trianoptiles solitaria.

Conservation: Critically endangered. Target 30%. Less than 1% statutorily conserved as small patches in the Table Mountain National Park as well as some private conservation areas such as Plattekloof 430 and Blaauwberg Hill. This is the most transformed of the sand fynbos types—more than 85% of the area has already been transformed (hence the conservation target remains unattainable) by urban sprawl (Cape Town metropolitan area) and for cultivation. Most remaining patches are small pockets surrounded by urban areas, for example Rondevlei, Kenilworth, Milnerton, 6BKD, Plattekloof, and Rondebosch Common. Most of these patches have been identified as ‘Core Conservation Sites’. They are mismanaged by mowing, fire protection and by alien plant invasion. Mowing eliminates serotinous and taller species, while fire protection results in a few common thicket species (e.g. Carpobrotus edulis, Chrysanthemoides monilifera), replacing the rich fynbos species. Alien woody species include Acacia saligna, A. cyclops and species of Pinus and Eucalyptus. Dumping and spread of alien grasses (both annual and Kikuyu Pennisetum clandestinum) are also a major problem. Alien acacias result in elevated nutrient levels and a conversion to Eragrostis curvula grassland and near-annual fires. Some 94 Red Data sand fynbos plant species occur on the remnants within Cape Town. The endemics include six species listed as extinct in the wild, some of which are being reintroduced from botanical gardens.

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Historical vegetation cover within the boundaries of Cape Town.

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Historical cover
547 km2
Percentage in Cape Town
Current area in Cape Town
77.0 km2
Conserved/managed in Cape Town
5 km2
Conservation status
CR: Critically Endangered


We have the following species in our database that match this vegetation type.
Genus Scientific name Common name Features
Agrostis Agrostis lachnantha var. calycina Least Concern
Aizoon Aizoon sarmentosum Least Concern
Albuca Albuca flaccida Least Concern
Albuca Albuca juncifolia Slime lily Nectar-rich (sunbird) Least Concern
Albuca Albuca maxima Least Concern
Amaryllis Amaryllis belladonna Least Concern
Anisodontea Anisodontea scabrosa rough-leaf African mallow, sand rose, pink mallow, hairy mallow Pot plant Least Concern
Anthospermum Anthospermum aethiopicum
Aponogeton Aponogeton angustifolius Wet sites Vulnerable
Aponogeton Aponogeton distachyos Cape pond weed Wet sites Least Concern
Arctopus Arctopus echinatus Least Concern
Arctotheca Arctotheca calendula Capeweed Least Concern
Aristea Aristea africana Medicinal use Least Concern
Aristea Aristea bakeri Least Concern
Aristea Aristea cuspidata Least Concern
Aristea Aristea glauca Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus acuminata Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus angustifolia Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus cordata Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus ericifolia Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus filicaulis Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus hispida Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus retroflexa Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus sericea Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus spinosa Least Concern
Aspalathus Aspalathus ternata Vulnerable
Aspalathus Aspalathus tridentata Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus asparagoides Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus capensis Wild Asparagus Least Concern
Asparagus Asparagus rubicundus Least Concern
Athanasia Athanasia crithmifolia
Athanasia Athanasia trifurcata Least Concern
Babiana Babiana ambigua Least Concern
Babiana Babiana fragrans fragrant blue babiana Pot plant Near Threatened
Babiana Babiana villosa Pot plant Near Threatened
Baeometra Baeometra uniflora Least Concern
Berkheya Berkheya rigida Least Concern
Berzelia Berzelia abrotanoides Redlegs Wet sites Least Concern
Bobartia Bobartia indica Least Concern
Bobartia Bobartia sp. Least Concern
Bryum Bryum argenteum
Bulbine Bulbine favosa Pot plant Least Concern
Bulbinella Bulbinella triquetra Least Concern
Caesia Caesia contorta Least Concern
Calopsis Calopsis rigorata Least Concern
Campylopus Campylopus sp. Least Concern
Carpanthea Carpanthea pomeridiana carpanthea Pot plant Least Concern
Carpobrotus Carpobrotus acinaciformis Elands sour fig Medicinal use Least Concern
Carpobrotus Carpobrotus edulis Sour fig Medicinal use Least Concern
Cassytha Cassytha ciliolata Least Concern
Centella Centella asiatica Wet sites Least Concern
Centella Centella macrocarpa Least Concern
Centella Centella tridentata Least Concern
Cerastium Cerastium capense Least Concern
Cerastium Cerastium glomeratum Least Concern
Chironia Chironia c.f tetragona Least Concern
Chlorophytum Chlorophytum rangei Least Concern
Chondropetalum Chondropetalum nudum Wet sites Least Concern
Chrysanthemoides Chrysanthemoides incana Least Concern
Chrysitrix Chrysitrix capensis Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia hirta Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia juniperina
Cliffortia Cliffortia polygonifolia Least Concern
Cliffortia Cliffortia ruscifolia Least Concern
Corycium Corycium orobanchoides
Cotula Cotula coronopifolia Least Concern
Cotula Cotula filifolia Least Concern
Cotula Cotula turbinata Least Concern
Cotula Cotula vulgaris Least Concern
Crassula Crassula ciliata Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula decumbens var. brachyphylla Least Concern
Crassula Crassula dejecta doily crassula Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula glomerata Pot plant Least Concern
Crassula Crassula natans Pot plant Wet sites Least Concern
Crassula Crassula thunbergiana subsp. thunbergiana Pot plant Least Concern
Crotalaria Crotalaria excisa Least Concern
Cymbopogon Cymbopogon marginatus
Cynodon Cynodon dactylon Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus cf. sphaerospermus Schrad.
Cyperus Cyperus lanceus
Cyperus Cyperus longus Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus mundtii
Cyperus Cyperus sphaerospermus Least Concern
Cyperus Cyperus textilis Umbrella sedge
Cyphia Cyphia bulbosa Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia digitata Least Concern
Cyphia Cyphia incisa Least Concern
Diastella Diastella proteoides Critically Endangered
Dimorphotheca Dimorphotheca pluvialis Least Concern
Disa Disa barbata Critically Endangered
Disa Disa bracteata Least Concern
Disa Disa bracteata Sw.
Dischisma Dischisma capitatum Least Concern
Disperis Disperis villosa
Drimia Drimia filifolia Least Concern
Drimia Drimia minor Least Concern
Drosera Drosera cistiflora Wet sites Least Concern
Drosera Drosera hilaris Least Concern
Drosera Drosera trinervia Wet sites Least Concern
Drosera Drosera trinervia Spreng. Wet sites Least Concern
Edmondia Edmondia sesamoides Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta calycina Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta erecta Lam. Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta longiflora J.E.Sm. Least Concern
Ehrharta Ehrharta villosa
Elegia Elegia asperiflora Least Concern
Elegia Elegia nuda Least Concern
Elegia Elegia recta
Elytropappus Elytropappus rhinocerotis Not Evaluated
Empodium Empodium plicatum Least Concern
Eragrostis Eragrostis brizoides
Eragrostis Eragrostis capensis
Eragrostis Eragrostis curvula
Erepsia Erepsia aspera Least Concern
Erepsia Erepsia gracilis Least Concern
Erica Erica corifolia Near Threatened
Erica Erica hispidula Least Concern
Erica Erica imbricata Pot plant Least Concern
Erica Erica lasciva Least Concern
Erica Erica mammosa Nine-pin Heath Nectar-rich (sunbird) Wet sites Least Concern
Erica Erica margaritaceae Critically Endangered
Erica Erica mauritanica Near Threatened
Erica Erica multumbellifera Least Concern
Erica Erica muscosa Least Concern
Erica Erica pulchella Least Concern
Erica Erica simils Least Concern
Erica Erica subdivaricata Least Concern
Erica Erica tristis Least Concern
Erica Erica turgida Pot plant Extinct in the wild
Erica Erica verticillata Nectar-rich (sunbird) Extinct in the wild
Eriospermum Eriospermum cordiforme Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum lanceifolium Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum pumilum Least Concern
Eriospermum Eriospermum spirale Least Concern
Euphorbia Euphorbia tuberosa milk-ball, wild charlock Pot plant Least Concern
Eustegia Eustegia filiformis Least Concern
Eustegia Eustegia minuta Least Concern
Falkia Falkia repens Least Concern
Felicia Felicia heterophylla Least Concern
Felicia Felicia tenella Least Concern
Felicia Felicia tenella subsp. longifolia Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia bulbosa Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia capitella Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia filiformis Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia india Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia indica Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia nodosa Least Concern
Ficinia Ficinia oligantha Least Concern
Fuirena Fuirena hirsuta Wet sites Least Concern
Gazania Gazania pectinata Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza aspera Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza aspera Goldblatt Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza geminata Endangered
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza hispidula Least Concern
Geissorhiza Geissorhiza imbricata Least Concern
Geranium Geranium incanum Least Concern
Gethyllis Gethyllis afra Least Concern
Gladiolus Gladiolus undulatus Painted Lady Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia juniperifolia Lam. Least Concern
Gnidia Gnidia subulata Lam. Least Concern
Gomphocarpus Gomphocarpus physocarpus Least Concern
Gomphocarpus Gomphocarpus sp. Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum crispum (H. patulum?) Least Concern
Helichrysum Helichrysum cymosum Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila africana Flax Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila pursila Least Concern
Heliophila Heliophila pusilla Least Concern
Hellmuthia Hellmuthia membranacea Wet sites Least Concern
Hemimeris Hemimeris sabulosa Least Concern
Hermannia Hermannia cuneifolia
Hermannia Hermannia diffusa
Hesperantha Hesperantha falcata Least Concern
Hesperantha Hesperantha radiata Least Concern
Hessea Hessea cinnamomea Least Concern
Holothrix Holothrix villosa Least Concern
Holothrix Holothrix villosa Lindl.
Imperata Imperata arundinacea
Indigofera Indigofera capillaris Least Concern
Isoetes Isoetes stellenbossiensis Near Threatened
Isolepis Isolepis bulbifera Extinct
Isolepis Isolepis hystrix Wet sites Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis levynsiana Extinct
Isolepis Isolepis marginata Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis prolifera Least Concern
Isolepis Isolepis rubicunda Least Concern
Ixia Ixia dubia
Ixia Ixia maculata var maculata Near Threatened
Ixia Ixia monadelpha Pot plant Wet sites Endangered
Ixia Ixia paniculata Wet sites Least Concern
Juncus Juncus bufonius
Juncus Juncus capensis Wet sites Least Concern
Juncus Juncus cephalotes Least Concern
Juncus Juncus drageanus Least Concern
Juncus Juncus effusus Least Concern
Juncus Juncus kraussii Hochst. subsp. kraussii Wet sites
Juncus Juncus oxycarpus Least Concern
Koeleria Koeleria capensis
Lachenalia Lachenalia contaminata Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia reflexa Yellow soldier Nectar-rich (sunbird) Vulnerable
Lachenalia Lachenalia unifolia Least Concern
Lachenalia Lachenalia variegata Least Concern
Lachnaea Lachnaea grandiflora Least Concern
Lampranthus Lampranthus aurantiacus Ice Plant Bush Pot plant Least Concern
Lampranthus Lampranthus bicolor Bicoloured lampranthus Pot plant
Lampranthus Lampranthus calcaratus Pot plant Data Deficient
Lampranthus Lampranthus filicaulis Pot plant Vulnerable
Lampranthus Lampranthus glaucus Yellow noon flower Pot plant Vulnerable
Lampranthus Lampranthus reptans Creeping Brightfig Pot plant Near Threatened
Lampranthus Lampranthus stenus Pot plant Endangered
Lampranthus Lampranthus tegens mat-lampranthus Pot plant Data Deficient
Laurembergia Laurembergia repens Wet sites Least Concern
Lebeckia Lebeckia plukenetiana Endangered
Lemna Lemna gibba Least Concern
Lepidium Lepidium africanum Least Concern
Leucadendron Leucadendron levisanus Pot plant Wet sites Critically Endangered
Leucadendron Leucadendron salignum Common Sunshine Conebush Pot plant Least Concern
Leucospermum Leucospermum conocarpodendron Grey tree pincushion Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Vulnerable
Lichtensteinia Lichtensteinia obscura Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia erinus Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia quadrisepala Least Concern
Lobelia Lobelia setacea Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis involucrata Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis oxyptera Least Concern
Lotononis Lotononis parviflora Least Concern
Mariscus Mariscus thunbergii Least Concern
Merxmuellera Merxmuellera cincta
Metalasia Metalasia muricata White Bristle Bush Medicinal use Least Concern
Micranthus Micranthus alopecuroides Least Concern
Micranthus Micranthus junceus Least Concern
Monopsis Monopsis debilis Least Concern
Monopsis Monopsis lutea Least Concern
Monopsis Monopsis simplex Least Concern
Moraea Moraea angusta Least Concern
Moraea Moraea cf. fugax Least Concern
Moraea Moraea collina Cape Tulip Least Concern
Moraea Moraea elsiae Sticky Sand Tulip Near Threatened
Moraea Moraea flaccida One-leaf Cape Tulip Least Concern
Moraea Moraea fugacissima Lunch Clockflower Wet sites Least Concern
Moraea Moraea fugax subsp. filicaulis Threadstalk Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea gawleri Crisp Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea lewisiae Ostrich Threadstar Least Concern
Moraea Moraea lewisiae subsp lewisiae Ostrich Bulb Least Concern
Moraea Moraea lugubris Crown Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea miniata Two-leaved Cape Tulip Least Concern
Moraea Moraea miniata Andrews Poison Bulb Least Concern
Moraea Moraea papilionacea Hairy Iris Least Concern
Moraea Moraea ramosissima Giant Iris Least Concern
Moraea Moraea tripetala Blue Tulp Least Concern
Moraea Moraea viscaria Trailing Tulp Least Concern
Morella Morella cordifolia Least Concern
Morella Morella quercifolia Oak-leafed waxberry Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia ericoides Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia filiformis Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia heisteria Least Concern
Muraltia Muraltia macropetala Harv. Least Concern
Nemesia Nemesia affinis Benth.
Nenax Nenax acerosa Gaertn. Least Concern
Nerine Nerine humilis
Nylandtia Nylandtia spinosa Least Concern
Onixotis Onixotis punctata
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum dregeanum Wet sites Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum fragrans Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum juncifolium Least Concern
Ornithogalum Ornithogalum thyrsoides Chincherinchee Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Orphium Orphium frutescens Least Concern
Osteospermum Osteospermum moniliferum Tickberry Medicinal use Least Concern
Otholobium Otholobium bracteolatum Cape Town pea Pot plant Rare
Otholobium Otholobium virgatum Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis caprina Goat's foot Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis eckloniana Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis eckloniana var. sonderi Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis glabra Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis hirta Hairy sorrel Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis livida var. altior Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis luteola Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis minuta Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis monophylla Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis nidulans var. denticulata Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis obtusa Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis pes-caprae Bermuda-buttercup Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis purpurea Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis pusilla Least Concern
Oxalis Oxalis versicolor Least Concern
Pauridia Pauridia minuta Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium auritum var. auritum Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium betulinum Camphor-scented pelargonium Medicinal use Pot plant
Pelargonium Pelargonium capitatum Rose-scented pelargonium Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium cucullatum Hooded-leaf pelargonium Bird friendly Medicinal use Pot plant
Pelargonium Pelargonium multicaule Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium myrrhifolium Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium tabulare Least Concern
Pelargonium Pelargonium triste Night-scented pelargonium Medicinal use Pot plant Least Concern
Pentaschistis Pentaschistis pallida Least Concern
Persicaria Persicaria decipiens Least Concern
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum elongatum
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum incanum
Pharnaceum Pharnaceum lineare
Phragmites Phragmites australis
Platycaulos Platycaulos c.f. compressus Least Concern
Plecostachys Plecostachys serpyllifolia Least Concern
Podalyria Podalyria calyptrata Least Concern
Podalyria Podalyria montana Least Concern
Polygala Polygala garcinii Least Concern
Protea Protea burchellii Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Vulnerable
Protea Protea repens Sugarbush Nectar-rich (sunbird) Bird friendly Medicinal use Least Concern
Pseudognaphalium Pseudognaphalium undulatum Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea alata Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea ensifolia Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea laxa Wet sites Least Concern
Psoralea Psoralea pinnata Fountain bush Wet sites Least Concern
Pteridium Pteridium aquilinum Least Concern
Pterygodium Pterygodium catholicum Least Concern
Pycreus Pycreus polystachyos Wet sites Least Concern
Roella Roella ciliata Least Concern
Roella Roella prostrata Least Concern
Romulea Romulea flava Least Concern
Romulea Romulea rosea Least Concern
Rumex Rumex lativalvis Meisn.
Ruschia Ruschia geminiflora Vulnerable
Ruschia Ruschia macowanii Sea Tentfig Least Concern
Salvia Salvia lanceolata Rusty sage Nectar-rich (sunbird) Medicinal use Least Concern
Satyrium Satyrium bicorne Least Concern
Satyrium Satyrium odorum Least Concern
Schoenus Schoenus nigricans Least Concern
Scirpoides Scirpoides thubergii Least Concern
Searsia Searsia angustifolia Least Concern
Searsia Searsia glauca Least Concern
Searsia Searsia laevigata Least Concern
Searsia Searsia lucida Least Concern
Sebaea Sebaea aurea Least Concern
Senecio Senecio abruptus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio burchellii Least Concern
Senecio Senecio elegans Least Concern
Senecio Senecio halimifolius Least Concern
Senecio Senecio littoreus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio pubigerus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio purpureus Least Concern
Senecio Senecio rigidus Least Concern
Seriphium Seriphium plumosum Kooigoed Medicinal use Least Concern
Serruria Serruria glomerata Cluster Spiderhead Vulnerable
Sparaxis Sparaxis bulbifera Wet sites Least Concern
Sparaxis Sparaxis grandiflora Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene alba White Capestar Wet sites Vulnerable
Spiloxene Spiloxene aquatica Water Capestar Wet sites Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene canaliculata Browneye Capestar Endangered
Spiloxene Spiloxene capensis Peacock Flower Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene minuta Pygmy Capestar Endangered
Spiloxene Spiloxene ovata Wet sites Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene schlechteri Wet sites Least Concern
Spiloxene Spiloxene serrata Least Concern
Sporobolus Sporobolus africanus
Sporobolus Sporobolus capensis
Staberoha Staberoha cernua
Staberoha Staberoha cf. cernua Least Concern
Staberoha Staberoha cf. distachyos Cape grass
Stenotaphrum Stenotaphrum secundatum
Stentotaphrum Stentotaphrum familiatum
Stentotaphrum Stentotaphrum secundatum
Stoebe Stoebe capitata Least Concern
Stoebe Stoebe fusca Least Concern
Strumaria Strumaria tenella subsp. tenella Least Concern
Struthiola Struthiola dodecandra Least Concern
Struthiola Struthiola striata Roemenaggie Least Concern
Tetraria Tetraria cuspidata
Tetraria Tetraria sp. Least Concern
Thamnochortus Thamnochortus punctatus Pillans
Themeda Themeda triandra Forssk.
Thesium Thesium spicatum Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra ciliata Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra divaricata Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra filiformis Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra hirsutiflora Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra hispida Least Concern
Trachyandra Trachyandra revoluta Least Concern
Trianoptiles Trianoptiles capensis Least Concern
Trianoptiles Trianoptiles solitaria Critically Endangered
Tribolium Tribolium uniolae Least Concern
Tridactyle Tridactyle bicaudata Least Concern
Triglochin Triglochin bulbosa Wet sites Least Concern
Tripteris Tripteris clandestina Less. Least Concern
Tulbaghia Tulbaghia alliacea Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia anthemoides Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia anthemoides subsp. anthemoides Least Concern
Ursinia Ursinia paleacea Least Concern
Utricularia Utricularia bisquamata Least Concern
Utricularia Utricularia bisquamata Schrank
Vellereophyton Vellereophyton dealbatum Least Concern
Wachendorfia Wachendorfia brachyandra Least Concern
Wachendorfia Wachendorfia paniculata Kofffiepit Least Concern
Wachendorfia Wachendorfia thyrsiflora Wet sites Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia capensis Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia fruticosa Least Concern
Wahlenbergia Wahlenbergia subulata Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia borbonica Pink watsonia Pot plant Least Concern
Watsonia Watsonia meriana Bugle lily Nectar-rich (sunbird) Wet sites Least Concern
Wimmerella Wimmerella secunda Wet sites Least Concern
Wurmbea Wurmbea capensis Least Concern
Wurmbea Wurmbea spicata Least Concern
Zantedeschia Zantedeschia aethiopica White arum lily Bird friendly Medicinal use Wet sites Least Concern
Information on Cape Town's vegetation comes from Summarized Descriptions of National Vegetation Types Occurring in the City of Cape Town by Patricia Holmes, Biodiversity Management Branch, July 2008

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