Repeat photography

Repeat photography is the process of taking a series of photos from the exact same place. This allows for changes over time to become visible. And for our gardens, this is a great way to demonstrate how things have changed over time!

So far, Communitree has taken lots of photos of our gardens. However, we have not yet been able to ensure we take photos from the same angle for each site. Whenever we are gardening, it is often a tiring job and it's difficult to get round to focusing on the photography.

In September 2019 we are therefore putting our requests for volunteers to sign up as dedicated "repeat photographers". As a repeat photographer, you are in charge of taking a photo of the same garden, every 2 weeks, from the same angle. This allows us to create great displays and to showcase how things are changing. You can take the photos when we garden, or at your own time - whatever suits you best.

You can become a "repeat photographer" for any of our existing gardens, or for the new gardens that we start working on in 2020. If you are interested, get in touch!

Animal photography

We have a number of animal monitoring programmes in place. These involve following a very clearly defined protocol to observe and count birds (and insects) at a site. However, it also helps us a lot to have photos of the animals that frequent our plot. We have been running a trial with our volunteer Piet van Aswegen at the Sans Souci Bridge Patch, and he has been capturing the most amazing shots of a variety of birds, mammals, and other animals at this patch. You can view them here.

If you are keen to become an animal photographer at any of our sites, let us know!

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