Linking Visions

Linking Visions

The local and the city-wide point of view are completely different experiences and conjure up completely different understandings and decisions. Think of the view of your house from the front door compared to the view of your house from atop a mountain or from a plane. From your house you are very aware of local conditions and the details of your house, garden and streets. From the mountain or plane you are unable to see and feel all this local detail and experience and instead work with the patterns of suburbs, roads and green spaces that you see, and work to make the parts work together. The view from the house is akin to that of a local organisation and the view from the plane or mountain top is like that of the city or large international organisation. There is a great difference between these two visions and it is really important that these views are brought together and made clear to all concerned.

Communitree sees that this bringing together of local vision to city-wide vision is essential to tackling interconnected environmental problems in our cities. The longevity, network of support and effectiveness of a local project can be enhanced by being connected with the larger picture.

After understanding the local vision of a project, we would like to put that vision on the table with city officials and environmental experts so that these very different views can be openly negotiated and reconciled.

Check it out View an example: See our current greening strategy in Cape Town.

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