Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

Ultimately our goal is to contribute to a city's green infrastructure in a meaningful way. After various years of community-led urban greening, we aim to contribute to the expansion of green belts, biological corridors, and other city-wide green infrastructure. However, we also feel strongly about improving local infrastructure. The pilot projects mostly take place in low-income areas, where public green infrastructure is often limited. While we ensure that the local greening efforts link to a wider strategy, we also focus on developing assets within the local community.

Some examples of local infrastructure that we want to bolster include children playgrounds (enhanced by trees or vegetation), as well as urban farming projects and shaded or otherwise vegetated sidewalks. We are not yet defining specific goals but rather let the local partners decide what kind of priorities they want to set. Each pilot will have its individual targets, but we will take stock of the existing infrastructure before we commence our operations, and how this will change due to local improvement efforts that we help mobilize.

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