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Relationship & Capacity Building

The initial phase of any new project we set up is about getting to know people and their existing ideas, dreams, projects and vision. We would have learned nothing from the wisdom of others if we just took our academic knowledge and vision and thought it a good idea to coerce others into making it happen for us. No, we aspire to harness what exists already - be it a group of urban gardeners, local park enthusiasts, or people with nothing more than a project idea - and offer them things that could help grow what they already have. We have a number of things that could be useful for any urban greening/gardening project:

  • A range of links and connections to useful people and organisations
  • Tools and training for building up the capacity of the project team
  • Companionship and support in difficult times
  • A space to dream big and a connection to a larger vision and project
  • Software and communication tools to create and coordinate a network of volunteers

What remains important for us to focus on is ensuring that an environmental good comes out of a project, and that the processes and lessons learnt from that project are well-documented and shared with others. Each project is created by people wise to the local space that they live in. Therefore they must decide what their urban nature means to them and how it should be enhanced.

No piece of nature in an urban setting is uninfluenced by humans and so the decision of how nature should be interacted with needs to be debated, negotiated and thoroughly scrutinised. And in the case that it is public property, it needs to suit the needs of the public that are in close contact with it.

When we create our initial relationships with local organizations, we make sure that our goals are clear from the start, and that there is sufficient overlap to continue working together fruitfully. We believe in partnerships where helping each other is beneficial to both organizations.

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