Friends of Rosebank and Mowbray Green Belt (FROG)

The Friends of the Rosebank and Mowbray Greenbelt is an independent, not-for-profit association that aims to contribute to and influence the preservation and enhancement of the public open space and community-zoned land and activities along a section of the Liesbeek River, for the benefit of the riverine environment, the residential community, and the broader community of current and future users.

Its main objectives are to:

  • maintain and improve the current facilities and community-building activities
  • play an active role in preserving the current community and open space zoning
  • help ensure that this area is developed in an environmentally sound manner, which is also informed and driven by the user community.


We have listed the following sites related to Friends of Rosebank and Mowbray Green Belt (FROG) on Communitree:

Site #53

Tow Path

Area: Rosebank

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Liesbeek River Corridor

Status: Ongoing

Timeframe: 2018 onwards

The Sour Fig Challenge

Status: Project is being developed

Timeframe: 2019-2020

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