To look forward to in 2018

Dec 20, 2017

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There are a number of projects in the pipeline that will grow and strengthen the Communitree community. We are not a charity. We believe people can do greening themselves, with help and advice from from people with experience and different kinds of knowledge about plants, public space, animal and plant relationships. Communitree offers the benefit of a structure that allows us to contribute the amount that we can manage, however small that might be, while learning tactile practical knowledge about local plant and animal life. Next year we will work on expanding our community with:

1) Thandokhulu High School, Behar Education Centre, Rosebank Train Station, Friends of the Liesbeek at Sans Souci and Bishops Court, the Tennis Court Garden in Langa

2) Cape Bird Club and Iingcungcu sunbird garden project

3) The Indigenous Garden Network

4) The Green Corridor Contest

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