New Collaboration: Communitree and Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies

Jun 26, 2018

Communitree is excited to announce the start of a new collaboration with a great group: the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies. We will start by hosting a fynbos propagation workshop next week, and aim to take greening in Bonteheuwel to a next level together with the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies.

Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, an organised group of women from Bonteheuwel who come together and organise activities and events, warmly received Communitree this week in Bonteheuwel. Bonteheuwel, located east of Langa and north of the N2, is a strategic corridor extension in view of Communitree's greening plans. The area, however, does face challenges around crime and lack of safe and green public space. This means that we have to find the right way of getting started and figuring out how to green the area.

It has been a pleasure getting to know the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies. This group radiates positivity and enthusiasm, and we are keen to collaborate together to channel this into strategic greening in the area. It is always a new challenge for us to get started in a new area, but we are glad to see how we can work with the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies and take the first steps in Bonteheuwel!

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