Water tank set up at Thandokhulu High

Feb 03, 2018

A water tank donated to Communitree was taken to Thandokhulu High in Mowbray to help with the indigenous garden that is planned for later this year.

Peter Muller, a Mowbray resident, donated a water tank to Communitree, to be used at Thandokhulu High in Mowbray. The water tank is in need of some repair, but we will be working on this in the coming weeks. With the help of various people, the tank was taken today from its original location to the high school.

Together with the Cape Bird Club, Myles Seibrits, and the Iingcungcu Project, Communitree plans to establish an indigenous garden at this high school in the coming months. Dr. Jenny Edge has mobilised a number of local residents to support Thandokhulu High.

We would like to thanks Peter Muller for his donation, and Jenny Edge and the group of residents that helped transporting this large water tank to the school. We are looking forward to taking this project to the next phase!

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