Garden maintenance at Huis Luckhoff

Saturday May 08, 2021 | 10:00-11:00

In preparation for the 2021 winter, we are getting this garden to the next level. The goal is to remove ground cover that is too dense, make place for more sensitive species, remove any remaining grasses and invasives, and get the garden in a good shape for the winter!

About Gardening activities

During gardening events, we go out to a public greening site and work on general maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of the plot. These events are key in our activities and they have a huge public impact. By keeping (often formerly abandoned) plots in good shape, the public space often transforms from an eyesore and underused space to an inviting space.

During the gardening events we often work on chores like cutting back or removing grass, cleaning up the space (littering is often an issue), removing weeds, taking care of the plants, and improving the soil. You do not need any gardening experience to join these events. The only thing that really matters is your enthusiasm to participate in public gardening! But if you do have some equipment, always feel free to bring this along. Especially useful are:

- Spades
- Cutters
- Garbage bags
- Gloves

Greening Site #105


This garden is located right between the Liesbeek River and Huis Luckhoff (a home for the aged). This garden has been an abandoned patch overgrown with invasive kikuyu grass for many years, while also...


Coordinates: -33.95419, 18.47564 | Google Maps | Open Street Maps

Getting there

Walk, cycle or drive along Liesbeek Parkway until you get to Alma Road in Rosebank. At this intersection turn away from Table Mountain up Alma Road. Park cars or bicycles outside Huis Luckoff. The garden is just outside Huis Luckoff looking on to the Liesbeek River.
Coming by train you will get out at Rosebank Station and walk along Alma Road away from Table Mountain until to get to the robots at Liesbeek Parkway. Cross of the robots and you will see the garden in front of you on the other side of the river.

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