Weeding Session( closed session)

Tuesday Aug 20, 2019 | 14:00-15:00

Pull out weeds in between the plants

About Gardening activities

During gardening events, we go out to a public greening site and work on general maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of the plot. These events are key in our activities and they have a huge public impact. By keeping (often formerly abandoned) plots in good shape, the public space often transforms from an eyesore and underused space to an inviting space.

During the gardening events we often work on chores like cutting back or removing grass, cleaning up the space (littering is often an issue), removing weeds, taking care of the plants, and improving the soil. You do not need any gardening experience to join these events. The only thing that really matters is your enthusiasm to participate in public gardening! But if you do have some equipment, always feel free to bring this along. Especially useful are:

- Spades
- Cutters
- Garbage bags
- Gloves

Greening Site #102


This site is the remains of a very old tree that died from a bad prune. We will replace the grass with indigenous plants and fill the stump with soil and plants to bring some life after death. This si...


Coordinates: -33.9741, 18.4641 | Google Maps | Open Street Maps

Getting there

It is easy to find the garden, the garden is next to the parking lot in front of the Newlands pool entrance

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