Cobra lilly planting at the Liesbeek Parkway

Monday Apr 02, 2018 | 18:00-18:30

Last year we collected a couple hundred cobra lilly bulbs from various locations. These bulbs, Chasmanthe floribunda, turn into a beautiful lilly with a spectacular flower over the winter period. They go dormant during summer, when they die back completely. This makes the bulbs especially useful to store and transport to new locations over this period, because there is no plant to take care of.

As we near winter, it was time to plant these bulbs! At this site we plant a number of them. This is part of a coordinated effort that involves a number of strategic sites.

Read more here about our cobra lilly planting efforts.

Greening Site #21


This strip in the middle of the road has a few plants here and there, but there is a lot of empty space as well. ...


Coordinates: -33.95889, 18.47772 | Google Maps | Open Street Maps

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