Bird monitoring in Mowbray/Rosebank

Thursday Aug 08, 2019 | 08:30-09:00

Bird monitoring at Huis Luckhoff from 08:30 am to 09:00 am.

About Monitoring activities

At Communitree we want to make sure that our work has a positive impact on the wider ecological functioning of the city's green infrastructure. That means that we want to go our and monitor our own work. We do this in different ways. One way is that we go out to our greening sites and we monitor the plants and the vegetation. We monitor for plant diseases, impact by the drought, damage to the plants, and other issues. If anything is wrong, our monitoring team will report this and our gardening volunteers will look into the matter. At the same time, we look for new plant growth, we try to observe the species that are present, and we see if everything is going according to the plan that we devised for the plot.

Another type of monitoring is related to the bird monitoring. By counting birds on our sites, we can get an idea of the ecological functioning of our plot. We are working together with the Iingcungcu sunbird project and the Cape Bird Club when it comes to training and bird monitoring, and we are excited to see what comes out of these efforts. To join bird monitoring work, you must have received some training, but we can always use an extra pair of eyes, in case you have not yet gone through the training.

Greening Site #105


This garden is located right between the Liesbeek River and Huis Luckhoff (a home for the aged). This garden has been an abandoned patch overgrown with invasive kikuyu grass for many years, while also...


Coordinates: -33.95419, 18.47564 | Google Maps | Open Street Maps

Getting there

Walk, cycle or drive along Liesbeek Parkway until you get to Alma Road in Rosebank. At this intersection turn away from Table Mountain up Alma Road. Park cars or bicycles outside Huis Luckoff. The garden is just outside Huis Luckoff looking on to the Liesbeek River.
Coming by train you will get out at Rosebank Station and walk along Alma Road away from Table Mountain until to get to the robots at Liesbeek Parkway. Cross of the robots and you will see the garden in front of you on the other side of the river.

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