Initial cleaning, planning and exploring along the Liesbeek

Sunday Dec 03, 2017 | 17:00-18:00

This site in Bishop's Court, very much at the top of the Liesbeek River, was recently cleared by the staff of Friends of the Liesbeek. It is now time to figure out what the next steps are with this cleared bank. So on Sunday we will head over there to take the first steps. We'd like to clear any remaining alien vegetation, while also creating a vision for this site. Let's see if there is any replanting we can do with nearby indigenous vegetation, or perhaps we simply start by harvesting seeds and offcuts.

The following species have already been identified as suitable species, so if you have any of those, please feel free to bring them along for planting:

Beach salvia (Salvia africana lutea)
Buck Bay vygie (Dorotheanthus bellidiformis)
Fairy crassula (Crassula multicava)
Watsonia meriana
Kranz aloe (Aloe arborescens)
Large wild iris (Dietes grandiflora)
Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia uvaria)
Sand olive (Dodonaea angustifolia)
Small cobra lily (Chasmanthe aethiopica)

The coordinates of the site are: -33.98655, 18.44396

Greening Site #60

Bishop's Court

A recently cleared bank on the Liesbeek river. The LMP team has removed invasives from the bank. It was just a huge lantana hedge with ginger, crofton weed, spiderwort etc. Serious potential to become...


Coordinates: -33.98655, 18.44396 | Google Maps | Open Street Maps

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