Fynbos propagation workshop for beginners in Bonteheuwel

Tuesday Jul 03, 2018 | 09:00-12:00

Communitree will hold a fynbos propagation workshop for beginners in Bonteheuwel on Tuesday July 3rd. Having been invited by the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, Communitree is keen to provide training in propagation of indigenous plants to the members of the Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, as well as other people interested to attend this workshop.

In this workshop we will introduce the idea of propagating indigenous plants to the participants. This includes a general introduction to locally indigenous species and the fynbos biome. The propagation training consists of learning how to prepare pots or other containers, soil preparation, and general nursery setup. The propagation training ends with a demonstration and exercise of creating cuttings and planting them in a plastic bottle container. These will be taken home by the participants and registered as home nurseries in Communitree's system.

Materials to bring (each participant):

- Between 3-5 containers. These could be: 2 litre bottles, ice cream tubs, yoghurt containers, etc. For the bottles: please ensure the cap is still on the bottle

- A pair of scissors

Kids are very welcome to participate as well; this is an event for all ages. If there are participants who are good with mobile phone use, then we encourage them to bring their phone or tablet, and we will show how they can activate their online nursery profile.


The event will take place at the Anglican Church of the Resurrection in David Profit Street, Bonteheuwel.

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