Root of David

Root of David

Cissampelos capensis

Scientific name

Cissampelos is a genus of flowering plants in the family Menispermaceae. Various species of this genus have a rich history of traditional use in the treatment of asthma, cough, fever, arthritis, obesity, dysentery, snakebite, jaundice and heart problems, blood pressure and skin-related problems. Moreover, many of these plants were traditionally used as curare applied as arrow poison during hunting.

Rhizomes of this species used medicinally in Western Cape, South Africa for the treatment of boils, glandular swelling, cholera, colic, diabetes and several cancers, to avoid unwanted police attention and for respect from the magistrate (Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation. 2015. The Wild Harvesting of Plant Medicines in Cape Town)

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Can you help grow this species?

We are in need of this species! Can you help? Maybe you have this species at home, or perhaps you can collect seeds or cuttings (if applicable) from friends or from a public space. If so, why don't you help establish this species in areas where it is much needed!

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Important characteristics

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

It provides medicinal value

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