Peninsula Rambling aloe

Peninsula Rambling aloe

Aloiampelos commixta

Scientific name

Aloe commixta flowers in late winter (August and September). A stout inflorescence shoots up, bearing reddish erect buds that open into dense, bright orange-yellow flowers. In its natural habitat in the fynbos vegetation of Table Mountain, its flowers are pollinated by sunbirds and honey bees.

Cape Town's very own unique Aloe, this species is indigenous (and endemic) to the Cape Peninsula. Within this tiny natural range, Aloe commixta is particularly concentrated in the central region of the Peninsula, in the area around Kommetjie, Kalk Bay, Fishhoek, Simonstown and Miller's Point (although smaller, outlying populations exist elsewhere on the Table Mountain chain). This elegant little aloe is also one of only three aloes that are indigenous to the city of Cape Town (the others being the Fynbos Aloe and the Soap Aloe).

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We currently have no seeds of this species in our seedbanks. Do you have any seeds or do you know where we can get some? Get in touch!
We currently have no plants of this species in our home nurseries. Do you have any plants or do you know where we can get some? Get in touch!

This table below shows how many plants we are trying to obtain for this species.

Site Area Quantity
Site #18 Rosebank 2
Site #35 Mowbray 50
Site #59 Rosebank 100
Total 152

Important characteristics

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

It provides medicinal value

Suitable for sandy soil

It provides food for:

Southern double-collared sunbird

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