Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia uvaria

Scientific name

Kniphofia uvaria is also known as Tritoma, Torch Lily, or Red Hot Poker due to the shape and color of its inflorescence. The leaves are reminiscent of a lily, and the flowerhead can reach up to 1.52 m (5.0 ft) in height. There are many varieties of torch lily, and they bloom at different times during the growing season. The flowers are red, orange, and yellow.

Kniphofia grow well in rich soil located in an open sunny position or partial shade. Most species require plenty of water during the growing season if they are to thrive and flower well. They should also be fertilised monthly during their active growing period. Kniphofia species are generally hardy to semi-hardy. Most species tolerate frost but the winter-flowering species should be protected. Some summer-flowering species die down in winter and grow again in the early summer. In cultivation Kniphofia resent disturbance. They will take a year to settle down after being divided and will not flower well.

Propagation instructions

By seed

These plants can be propagated by seed or by division. Seed takes a long time to produce flowering plants.

By cutting

These plants can be propagated by seed or by division. Division will produce the quickest results. Large clumps can be lifted and divided, using a spade and then replanted.

References and further reading

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Image credit: Jon Gittins

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Important characteristics

Conservation status: Least Concern

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

Wind resistant


Good for coastal areas

Suitable for clay soil

It provides food for:

Southern double-collared sunbird

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