Ruschia geminiflora

Ruschia geminiflora

Ruschia geminiflora

Scientific name

This species is listed as vulnerable.

15 small, severely fragmented subpopulations remain after >80% of this species' habitat has been transformed by crop cultivation, urban and coastal development and alien plant invasion and decline is continuing

Purple flowers with white colours near the centre.

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Image credit: Mauricio Mercadante
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Nursery Quantity
Mother Nursery 3
Total 3

This table below shows how many plants we are trying to obtain for this species.

Site Area Quantity
Site #67 Rondebosch 20
Site #68 Rondebosch 40
Site #69 Rondebosch 20
Site #70 Rondebosch 20
Site #65 Rondebosch 20
Site #71 Rondebosch 20
Site #72 Rondebosch 20
Total 160

Important characteristics

Conservation status: Vulnerable

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

It provides food for:


Ruschia geminiflora is indigenous to: Cape Flats Sand Fynbos

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