Yellow soldier

Yellow soldier

Lachenalia reflexa

Scientific name

This small 10cm tall plant is found in seasonally wet lowlands in the lowlands and is adapted to being dormant is in the dry season. It grows and produces small erect flowers and seeds quickly. It propagates profusely and well through seed and re-sprouts from roots making it an aggressive weed in Australia but in South Africa it is vulnerable because it grows in a only a few locations and on the decline.

Easy to propagate in sandy well-drained soil in light shade or sun by leaf cutting, planting bulbs or sowing fresh seeds in mid autumn. Do not water bulbs or store them away for the summer period.

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We currently have no seeds of this species in our seedbanks. Do you have any seeds or do you know where we can get some? Get in touch!

This table below shows how many plants we are trying to obtain for this species.

Site Area Quantity
Site #62 Newlands 200
Site #15 Rosebank 50
Site #67 Rondebosch 50
Site #68 Rondebosch 100
Site #69 Rondebosch 100
Site #70 Rondebosch 30
Site #65 Rondebosch 20
Site #71 Rondebosch 50
Site #72 Rondebosch 50
Total 650

Can you help grow this species?

We are in need of this species! Can you help? Maybe you have this species at home, or perhaps you can collect seeds or cuttings (if applicable) from friends or from a public space. If so, why don't you help establish this species in areas where it is much needed!

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Important characteristics

Conservation status: Vulnerable

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

This nectar-rich species attracts sunbirds and sugarbirds

Lachenalia reflexa is indigenous to: Cape Flats Sand Fynbos

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