Climbing aloe

Climbing aloe

Aloiampelos ciliaris var. ciliaris

Scientific name

Aloiampelos ciliaris var. ciliaris is a small, handsome, climbing aloe and one of the easiest to cultivate. It was previously called Aloe ciliaris var ciliaris but along with other small shrubby scrambling aloes has been moved to the genus Aloiampelos.

The conspicuous, bright orange-red flowers of Aloiampelos ciliaris var. ciliaris are pollinated by sunbirds. The slender stems and often recurved leaves aid in anchoring the plant. The plant has a shallow root system utilising the upper humus-rich soil layer. Water is stored in its fleshy stems and leaves which helps the plant during droughts. It is a well-known fact that climbing plants are rapid growers; They do not have to invest energy in woody characters, but can use their energy in quick growth, and by leaning on other woody vegetation, rapidly reach the canopy, exposing their leaves to the sun. Aloes are usually slow growers, but this species is the exception.

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Image credit: Paul Hoekman

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Important characteristics

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

This nectar-rich species attracts sunbirds and sugarbirds

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