Golden euryops

Golden euryops

Euryops pectinatus

Scientific name

The golden euryops is a shrub up to 1.5m in height and has distinctive soft, grey-green foliage. The leaves are 40-100mm long and are toothed in a fern-like manner. Bright yellow daisy flowers are borne nearly all year round with the main display in spring.

In its natural habitat, this attractive plant may be found on rocky, sandstone slopes in the south-western Cape (from Gifberg to the South Peninsula). It is endemic to this region (i.e. it occurs naturally nowhere else in the world).

The golden euryops requires a moderate amount of water and must be watered during the winter monthsin summer rainfall regions. Cut off dead flowerheads after flowering and prune the bush back lightly. The bushes respond well to pruning and may be cut back hard every few years. They may be propagated from seed or by cuttings which strike easily when placed in washed river sand and kept moist.

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Image credit: Paul Hoekman
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