Red-and-green cobra lily

Red-and-green cobra lily

Chasmanthe bicolor

Scientific name

This plant has an underground corm from which the long strappy bright green leaves emerge in winter. It flowers later in winter with a striking bright orange, yellow and green flowers hanging to the side from a central arm, similar to other Chasmanthus in the genus, but a more attractive flower, June to September. It occurs semi-shaded sheltered riverine and woodland areas but full range unknown.

It is known from only a few sites in the wild and therefore vulnerable.

It is easily grown from seed. Pluck the seeds when ripe in late winter and early spring. Plant in half sand and compost 3 - 5 cm deep watering gently every 2 or 3 days. Takes 4 weeks to germinate. Clumps can be divided every 4 years in the dormant summer period.

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Image credit: Paul Hoekman
We currently have no seeds of this species in our seedbanks. Do you have any seeds or do you know where we can get some? Get in touch!
We currently have no plants of this species in our home nurseries. Do you have any plants or do you know where we can get some? Get in touch!

This table below shows how many plants we are trying to obtain for this species.

Site Area Quantity
Site #25 Rosebank 100
Site #26 Mowbray 20
Site #28 Mowbray 40
Site #29 Mowbray 30
Site #31 Rosebank 30
Total 220

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Important characteristics

Conservation status: Vulnerable

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

Suitable for clay soil

Suitable for sandy soil

It provides food for:

Southern double-collared sunbird

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