Euphorbia rigida

Scientific name

"Euphorbia rigida, is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family Euphorbiaceae, native to southern Europe and southwest Asia. Growing to 50 cm tall and broad, it is a bushy evergreen perennial with somewhat fleshy leaves arranged in a spiral, bearing bunches of bright yellow flowers in late Spring.

In its native Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East it is considered a weed. It has appeared spontaneously in the California wilderness but is not considered a noxious weed (It's sap developed as a grazing protection method and is planted by human gardeners to keep gophers from ravaging their gardens).

This plant has shown potential for use as a biofuel. As with others of the genus, all parts of the plant are toxic if eaten. When cut or broken, the wounds leak a milky sap which can cause skin irritation."

Propagation instructions

By seed

Hand removal is effective. Cut off stems before flowers turn to seed to prevent the plants from taking over your garden.

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Can you help us remove this species?

This species is a difficult weed in our Fynbos patches. Can you help us remove it? See our activity calendar for upcoming activities, or arrange with us visit our Fynbos patches and do the weeding in your own time.

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Important characteristics

This species was selected because it is a difficult alien invasive weed in our Fynbos patch(es).

It provides food for:


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