Paperbark acacia

Paperbark acacia

Vachellia sieberiana var. woodii

Scientific name

An umbrella-shaped tree with papery bark, small leaves, white ball-like flowers and dark brown thick seed pods.

Related ecology: home for nesting bees, gum and leaves edible for antelope and other animals. Root bacteria fix nitrogen without fertiliser supplying surrounding source with valuable nitrogen compounds.

Human use: Inner bark is used as fibre in beading, gum is edible for humans, and used in ink and adhesives. Pods are a source of food for game when other food is scarce. Wood is used for furniture and grain grinding.

Medicinal use includes colds, coughs and child fever, but is used for many other purposes. See link for more details.

Also known as paperbark thorn | SiSwati: umNganduzi | Sesotho: Mošibihla, Mphoka (N) | Setswana: Mokha Morumosetlha | Xitsonga: Nkowankowa | Tshivenda: Musaunga, Muunga-luselo | isiZulu: umKhamba

Propagation instructions

By seed

This tree is easily propagated from seed that has been immersed in boiling water and soaked overnight. Protect young plants from frost. They are suited to medium to large gardens. Allow these magnificent trees the space to show off their wonderful shapes - don't crowd and clutter them.

References and further reading

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Seedbank Quantity
Arundel Seedbank 4
Total 4

Important characteristics

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

This is a bird-friendly species

It provides medicinal value

It can be used as a construction material




Easy to grow

It provides food for:


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