isiXhosa: iNtsikane

Afrikaans: wildepalmiet



Prionium serratum

Scientific name

Palmiet is a robust shrub that plays an important role in mostly the Western Cape river ecology. This water-loving shrub is renowned for its practical attributes rather that aesthetics. It needs space to grow and can easily take over if not controlled.

Palmiet plants play an important ecological role in stabilizing the river bed and river banks from erosion.

The young flower shoots are broken off before flowering and eaten or used as a vegetable. The leaves are used for basketry work, hats and mats. Palmiet is an organic engineering material which can be used for binding river banks, splitting or channelling river water as required.

Propagation instructions

By cutting

Palmiet can be easily propagated and grown rapidly from divisions during the winter months. This is a semi-aquatic plant, requiring a reasonably damp habitat to flourish.

References and further reading

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Image credit: Serban Proches

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Important characteristics

Conservation status: Least Concern

This species was selected because it has various important characteristics.

It can be used as a construction material



Easy to grow

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