Batch #177

Rose-scented pelargonium (Pelargonium capitatum )
Harvest date
May 26, 2018
Logged by
Paul Hoekman
These baby plants came up on the circle but there are too many to stay there. They have been pulled out and planted straight into trays.

Origin: plant

This batch is harvested from plant cluster #177. A plant cluster is a plant or group of plants that has been identified and mapped in our system.

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Origin: location

By tracking the original source, we can keep close track of the origins of each plant or tree that is grown by our volunteers.


Date Quantity From To
May 26, 2018 60 Plant cluster #177 Campground Nursery
Nov 03, 2018 40 Campground Nursery Mother Nursery
Nov 09, 2018 9 Mother Nursery Planted: Site #66
Nov 09, 2018 15 Mother Nursery Planted: Site #62
Dec 14, 2018 7 Mother Nursery Wildacres
Mar 07, 2019 9 Mother Nursery Planted: Site #60

Multiplication Log

If this batch was multiplied within a nursery, or after it is planted out, we treat the new items as a new batch. Below you will find an overview of the new batches that were created from this batch (for instance by cutting up a larger plant into small cuttings).
Date Quantity New Batch Created at
Mar 09, 19 20 Batch #304 St. Alban's Patch
Feb 13, 19 8 Batch #319 Thandokhulu High
Mar 28, 19 13 Batch #334 St. Alban's Patch



The map below shows where these plants have been planted out.

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