Batch #146

Silver tree (Leucadendron argenteum)
Acquisition date
Mar 19, 2018
Logged by
Paul Hoekman

Origin: location

This batch comes from a nursery. Some nurseries have very specific origins of their plants, whereas others use a large mix of possible suppliers. Depending on what we know about the origin of this batch, we will decide on appropriate locations for these plants.

Origin of this batch: Kirstenbosch Seedroom


Date Quantity From To
Mar 19, 2018 615 Kirstenbosch Seedroom Arundel Seedbank
Mar 28, 2018 20 Arundel Seedbank Amsterdam
Apr 26, 2018 46 Arundel Seedbank Arundel Nursery
May 29, 2018 46 Arundel Nursery Mother Nursery
Oct 12, 2018 44 Mother Nursery Perished


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