Batch #141

Wild rosemary (Eriocephalus africanus)
Acquisition date
Mar 19, 2018
Logged by
Paul Hoekman


Date Quantity From To
Mar 19, 2018 615 Kirstenbosch Seedroom Arundel Seedbank
Mar 31, 2018 20 Arundel Seedbank Rosie's nursery
Mar 31, 2018 20 Arundel Seedbank George's nursery
Apr 03, 2018 23 Arundel Seedbank Cornursery Unlimited
Apr 26, 2018 30 Arundel Seedbank Arundel Nursery
May 29, 2018 30 Arundel Nursery Mother Nursery
Apr 17, 2019 180 Arundel Seedbank Mother Nursery
Jun 21, 2019 3 Mother Nursery Planted: Site #105
Sep 20, 2019 1 Mother Nursery Planted: Site #66
Oct 04, 2019 3 Mother Nursery Gaby's nursery
Oct 04, 2019 1 Mother Nursery Planted: Site #53
Jun 02, 2020 40 Mother Nursery Fynroots

Multiplication Log

If this batch was multiplied within a nursery, or after it is planted out, we treat the new items as a new batch. Below you will find an overview of the new batches that were created from this batch (for instance by cutting up a larger plant into small cuttings).
Date Quantity New Batch Created at
Aug 12, 19 58 Batch #414 Mother Nursery



The map below shows where these plants have been planted out.

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