Ouma erin - Site #156

Ouma Erin

Paul Hoekman

Custodian of this site

Garden checklist

  • Initial assessment Completed
  • Removal of invasive aliens Completed
  • Landscaping Pending
  • Planting of pioneers species In progress
  • Planting of insect and bird species Completed
  • Planting of specialist species In progress
  • Place-making Pending

Planting log

At this site we have planted the following species:

Species Batch Date Quantity Status
Aloe arborescens Batch #9 Sep 05, 2020 2 planted
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #342 Jun 25, 2020 10 planted
Pelargonium capitatum Batch #342 Sep 05, 2020 9 planted
Tetragonia fruticosa Batch #484 Jun 25, 2020 6 planted

What is your vision?

We have not yet defined a vision for this plot. What kind of vegetation would do well here? What is appropriate for this place, and in this context? What do people in this area want here? We would love YOUR input. If you have any ideas, please get in touch so we can share it here and get the discussion started!

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