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This park is used often by children but it could be made so much better. There is a lot of empty space and barely any vegetation. Paulos, a retired landscaper living a few blocks away, is keen to lead a community initiative to replant this park. After securing the soil and planting pioneer species Paulos has great ideas to make this into a colourful and beautiful park, where trees can provide shade in a few years time and where local residents can go to use some of the medicinal plants.

Why is this important?

This site is located in Delft. Delft is a low-income area on the Cape Flats. The vegetation originally found here was the Cape Flats Dune Strandveld. This type of vegetation is unique to Cape Town but it is rapidly disappearing. The first step in re-establishing this vegetation throughout the Cape Flats is by securing the soil and providing wind-breaks and shelter and food for both people and animals.

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Below is the list with the different species that can be grown on this site. These species would contribute to the greening of , and would fit in with a wider greening strategy for Cape Town. However, this vision is only a proposal and we invite you to comment on it. Are there any other species that would do well? Are there particular uses for this site that we should take into consideration? Do you have a spectacular vision for the plot? Do you have any ideas to involve the wider community? Please let us know!

Wish List Overview

Item Quantity Pledge support
Bicoloured lampranthus
Lampranthus bicolor
500 I can help!
Microloma sagittatum
6 I can help!
Camphor bush
Tarchonanthus camphoratus
5 I can help!
Cancer bush
Lessertia frutescens
5 I can help!
Candelabra flower
Brunsvigia orientalis
8 I can help!
Cape agapanthus
Agapanthus africanus
10 I can help!
Cape may
Coleonema album
2 I can help!
False olive
Buddleja saligna
2 I can help!
Garlic buchu
Agathosma apiculata
15 I can help!
Sour fig
Carpobrotus edulis
40 I can help!
Sweet thorn
Vachellia karroo
2 I can help!
Wild rosemary
Eriocephalus africanus
6 I can help!

If you can help growing any of these species, click the blue button in the table above.

Past activities

Date Time More details
Friday 26 Apr 2019 07:00-19:00 Read more

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