Community-based urban greening with a strategic, long-term vision

Why & How?


Our aim:

To facilitate community-based urban greening and link these local efforts with a strategic, long-term vision.


  • By investing in the efforts of local partners and coordinating volunteers throughout a city.
  • By linking existing organisations and their projects with a larger city-wide greening strategy.
  • By using computer power to coordinate logistics and to scale operations, and by using human inspiration and power to get things done.

The process of greening a city benefits from well-researched preparation, a long-term, system-wide view, and strong community involvement. We believe that urban greening is something that should be done as a collaboration between local government and urban citizens, and our goal is to help facilitate this collaboration. The role of nature in a city is unique to each residential area, and to understand local needs and connect them with larger strategies, we believe in ground-level, community-based engagement that takes place before initiating our greening activities.

There are five key steps in our approach:

  1. Relationship and capacity building
  2. Developing a local vision
  3. Linking the local vision with city-wide greening strategies
  4. Harnessing the power of volunteers through IT
  5. Contributing to the city's green infrastructure

We are currently setting up a non-profit organisation and are preparing for a year-long pilot to take place in multiple cities, starting in 2017. Preparation for these pilot projects is currently underway and our work with IsiQhamo, in Delft, Cape Town, is part of these preparations. We aim to publicly launch in 2018, taking into account the lessons learned during our pilot projects.

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